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help me please...

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alrighty.. it seems that my kitty Gizmo has a very puffy cheek and i talked to my aunt about it, and we thought it was a spider bite and she told me to put some neosporin on it.. just to help until the puffy went down or till i got the money to get to a vet, so i did that today, and as i was looking at it, the little hole opened up and then closed back up a bout every 15 seconds..

so im looking for a low cost animal hospital in huntsville alabama so i can hurry and take her in, if anyone has any sites that can help me on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Much!
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full strength neosporin is too strong for a cat, baby neosporin is best too much of the full strength stuff can build up in the blood stream and make your kitty very sick.
You may wnat to call the local animal shelter to see if they have an idea of a local subsidised vetrinary office or teaching hospital that may be local to save some money.
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If the wound is opening and closing, I would think that it's a puncture wound through his cheek. I found the following info,if it helps you any.
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well i took her to a vet, i found one that had the earliest appointment, and my boyfriend said he would fork over the arm and leg, and it actually wasnt to expensive =]

it was a parasite of some kind, carried by a big fly. I have to thank my brother and animal plant for telling me this. they have to cut the hole open a little more and the vet pulled it out.. she said to be careful, because they can kill kitties, and that is usually their main target.. she even gave me the parasite in a little bottle.. its so nasty.. just thinking about it gives me the nasty goose bumps.. but little gizmo is ok. =] high off the sleeping gas... but a very loveable creature right now =]

thanks for the site tho.
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glad your kitty is ok, how creepy of a thing is that, wonder what the parasite was called.
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Oh My!! Bless its little heart! Thank goodness you got him to the vet!
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Sounds like warbles, yuck, your cat is lucky.

If anyone is interested (be prepared for grossness) just google Warbles, Botfly, or Cuterebra.
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I started to ask if it could have been a botfly!
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Wonderful that you were able to get her in to the vet! And your boyfriend sounds like a good guy

Please keep us updated on how she heals. I have never heard of this parasite. Poor kitty
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Originally Posted by taterbug View Post
I started to ask if it could have been a botfly!

me too!! especially after she said it opened and closed every 15 seconds, poor kitty!!!!
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I hate Botflies! When we had horses, we always hated summer because we had to check the horses over every day since the botflies would lay eggs on the horses legs and we would have to scrape them off with butterknives. I never even though about cats or anything else getting them!
I'm so glad that where we moved to doesn't have botflies! I havn't seen one down here at all.
I hate when they bite you. I used to swell up for days whenever I was bit (and boy do your swell!)
Poor kittie! I'm glad its all sorted out though.
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well the wound has been healing up.. eh.. nicely.. not been a sight to look at. i can take pictures if anyone would like to see it... but, and i should have asked at the vet.. but i should have gotten that tunnel thing you but on a cats neck.. she has scratched.. and scratched... and scratched it.. so am i not only dealing with the pus that comes our of the actual wound, but now also blood..

my boyfriend thinks we need to put rubbing alcohol on it to completely kill all the bacteria that could be in the extra wounds Gizmo made.. and then made some sort of thing so she wont scratch it >.< im about to go trim her nails also.. anyone got any suggestions?
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oh, and it was a Warbles.... >.< nasty little fellows.. i still have the acutual parasite she gave us...

it gives me the nasty chill bumps
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My goodness I am glad that gizmo is ok and that you took action sooner than later... Happy Healing to your kitty.
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I am not an expert, but I think rubbing alcohol would hurt like hades! If she is on antibiotics, the wound will heal.

I have heard others here who made collars (cones) from cardboard. I had to buy one at the emergency vet for $12. It really would be worth it to give the wound time to heal.
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they didnt give me any antibotics, vet said if her swelling didnt go down, then we would do that because of infection, but she said she flushed it all out very well..

im thinking about putting baby neosporin on it.. i think someone said earlier that thats ok.. just to make sure the bacteria is gone, and im about to leave to petco to get a E collar.. i thinks thats what its called. but other than that.. the poor girl is sleeping like crazy. lol.
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No alcohol. And they no longer recommend straight hydrogen peroxide like they used (in the old days when I went to nursing school). Research has shown that straight rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide actually kills off the top layer of the cells that promote the scabbing/healing/AKA granulation. So they actually delay the healing.

I would be cautious about putting anything in the wound as we aren't sure how deep it will go. We want it to drain.
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oh well its draining.. its pretty nasty..
but i got the ecollar.. we were lucky it fit her.
hopefully all of this goes well..
she is going to have a scar tho..
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well, if anyone even cares, i had to take her back in and fork over another 120.00 for them to clean it again, and cut a even bigger hole because the tissue was dead. so im pretty pissed off, im thinking about having a talk with the first vet, because first off she should have given me the antibotics first, and secondly she should have told me to get a ecollar, or warned me about it.. not tried to rush me out of there...

We do care. I would definitely talk to the first vet again. I can't believe they charged you again for the same problem. I would be putting up quite a stink if it were me.
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Poor baby girl ............ shes on antibiotic now?
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