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sisters fighting

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ok when lilly had her litter last year augest we kept 2 of her kittens both female. forest was spayed at 5 months in jan and tigerlilly was spayed in feb at 6 months old. they used to clean each other play with each other , but over the last month they will swipe at each other and any other cat who gets to close unless they say its ok (so to speak). they are very loving cats still and they have been vet checked which was all clear.
are they just in there bratty months? i saw in another post that they can get a bit like teenagers there 10 months old.
any advice will be great with this, i have also tried the frelaway SP? and that hasnt helped.
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I haven't had a lot of kittens, but I do seem to remember at about that age, they go through a lot of social things (don't want to be held as much, etc.)
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yea they love their cuddles but not so much being picked up now , you will get a moan if you try and as iv learned the hard way maybe a little swipe. the brother and sister who i have who are 13 months old have never been like this , they still cuddled together and clean one another , but i dont know if any of it is because we got them when they was only 4 weeks old so had to bottle feed for a while untill they was weened.
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Personally, I think a brother/sister would get along better than a sister/sister combo. We adopted out 2 brothers together from Elsa's litter, and they have been inseparable since.
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aww. maybe i just hope it settles down soon. i like the peace and harmony not the swiping and hissing lol.
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My Gracie and Lizzie were Sisters.
We got them when they were 6 weeks old and they loved each other very much and would seek out each others company over that of either of the other cats.

They did have their moments though at around that age.
It got so bad at around 9 or 10 months old that I thought Lizzie was going to hurt Gracie...but they grew out of that rather quickly.

Even up until the day we had to have Lizzie put to sleep they still had their little spats.
Gracie is much smaller than Lizzie was, Lizzie seemed to understand that and would let Gracie get away with a lot, but when she had her fill she didn't think twice about letting Gracie know.
Then 5 minutes later they'd be curled up in a big kitty ball groorming each other.
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