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Kitten Poop

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Question: What does kitten poop look like? lol

I know that sounds silly, but they are starting to use the litterbox, and I've only cleaned out tiny clumps of what looks like urine.

Also, Mushy still cleans their bottoms all of the time so they never have accidents. But they do use the litterbox on their own sometimes. I'm pretty sure it's not happening that often though because she is cleaning them and I'm not cleaning out a whole lot from the boxes. Will Mushy eventually stop cleaning their bottoms and let them use the litterbox?

And how much should I be expecting them each to pee and poop each day? Just so I can get a good idea...

Sorry for the weird questions.
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I would also like to know the answer to this since I just kittennaped this new kitten. I stole it from its mom and now I want to know if I'm feeding it properly by how its poop looks.
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i will try and answer as much as possible. kitten poop should be a dark brown when eating soild foods and firm but not so its constipaited SP?
when on Kmr it will normaly be yellow in colour and a bit softer, if it gets runny then you may be over feeding. kittens will normaly poop at least once a day , but it will vairy to each kitten some will go every 2 days others twice a day sometimes more. as long as they are pooping regulary and its not runny stoles they should be fine. with the wee that will be hard to tell as mum will clear most of it up aswell as there poop untill they start eating soilds.

question for golfman61. what do you mean kitten naped from its mum? lol please explain in a new post so that you dont hijack this one
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When my kitten poops it looks like someone is squeezing out tooth paste. It is brownish in color and he goes usually once a day. I am feeding him kitten replacment milk *Hartz*.with (starting today) a bit of chicken baby food mixed in, out of his bottle.
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Ok. So the clumps in the litterbox that I could be cleaning out, are probably both... Poor babies have no hair on their bellies from mom licking them lol
Thank you!
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