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Since Trina is going to be having a litter of kittens(probably a small number like last time) sometime in August, I was recently entertaining the notion of calling shelters(near the time she gives birth) to see if they had any abandoned kittens that needed mothering. My concerns are obviously things like FIV and FeLV and other diseases, as she's totally healthy and disease free, and I'd like her to stay that way.

Is there any way to test really young kittens for these? What's the risk of transmission? Is this just a silly idea?
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I had thought about doing the same thing when Mushy was pregnant, but I felt kind of silly asking. Thanks for asking about this. I'm still curious to know the answer, as I plan on fostering pregnant moms after this litter is in their new homes.
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Hmm. Noone seems to know. Sadness!
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That is sad. Mushy's still nursing, I could probably still do it... Maybe the shelters will know?
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IMO if a very young kitten has FIP or FELV it would not live long. Maybe call the shelter or your vet and ask how this should be approached.
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I know that very young kittens cannot be accurately tested for FIV or FeLV... at least my vet says it's more accurate after 6 months of age... but the shelter around here tests at around 8 weeks and older.
When Sasha had her babies, it was two days later when John told me about someone having a litter of 4 day old kittens whose mother had died. I took them in as bottle babies, but after they were checked out and had no obvious signs of anything being wrong... I went ahead and let Sasha take them. That's where Captain Squishy and Garfield came from. She took them in immediately. Missy & Sasha are negative and the vet said that their kittens likely were negative as well. So three litters became one and Missy & Sasha took turns caring for all of the kittens.

I'd say talk with your vet about your concerns, he/she can advise you further.
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Sounds like a good idea as long as everyone is healthy. I wouldnt take more than 1 or 2 kittens though. You dont want to make it too hard on mom.
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