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Intense Agression problems!!!

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Since i got the Birmans ( uno and sace), Prue has jsut been NASTY. not to me, but to the new cats. I did the inroduce them through a kennel things for a few days. She did nothing but go AFTER them, even though they were in a kennel!!! And not jsut hissing, she was all out claws and teeth!!!

Unoo and Sace are so scare of here, they hide out 24/7 in my bedroom. my washing machine and dryer are right ouside my bedroom, so i put a litterbox, and food there so they dont ave to deal with prue.

Everything was going well till last night. Sace was sleeping on my headboard, and Uno was sleepin on the bed. me and bf were watching tv on the bed. All the sudden prue comes down the hallway and goes right for Uno!!! no rhyme, no reason, jsut hissing, spitting, claws. Scared the CRAP outta Uno, poor guy!!!

now i have an idea who pooed next to my bed, poor Uno was prob to scared to go into the hallyway to go to the litterbox.

I have Prue in the spare bathroom, cause thats the only spare room at the moment. I jsut dont know what to do! Prue is driving me crazy with this agression. Neither Uno nor Sace EVER went after her.

Kali can walk into the bedroom, walk around, and they ignore her. i just dont get whats going on.
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I could be wrong, but I don't think a few days is long enough.
When we brought Elliott in we kept him in the spare bathroom with food, toys, litterbox and bed.
We let him out everyday to be with the girls, first day was for about an hour and we added a little time everyday.
After about 2 weeks he was out in the rest of the house with the girls all day long, but he still slept in the bathroom then after about 2 more weeks he was out 24/7 with the girls.
I think the slower you take the introductions the better.
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jsut seems weird that Prue is the only one, and the agressor!! i mean, they were sleeping and she attacked them. its so out of her nature. the rest of the guys are fine, tis just so weird.
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im guesssing shes jealous? I am not sure if this is right but she is probably trying to assert her dominance and the other cats sleeping on HER bed and walking around like they own HER place is probably driving her insane
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well i would tend to agree, but the birmans are huddled in my bedroom. they dont go out of the bedroom out of fear. I dont know what to do with her. i dont want to have to give her up, but i cant have a huge catfight in the middle of the night either.

I do have a oversized kennel, should i try Prue in there? i tried the birmans in there, and she attacked them there too. maybe if SHE is in the kennel, she wont be able to attack as easy?
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