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How often do you say it?

It seems to me that I'm just overusing the word lately. I.e. I responded to an email from one of my students last semester starting off with "I'm sorry..."

Then if someone misunderstands me I say I'm sorry or if I misunderstand them I say "sorry".

Some days (like today) I feel like its an overrated word in my world.

I only use the term "I apologize" if I sincerely mean it, admitting that I did something very wrong and regret it.

Hmm...maybe its just me?
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Nah, I completely understand, I sometimes think im using words too much! and i hate it just like this!!! I really over use my exclemation marks!
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I'm the same way - I say sorry for everything!
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You know what is sometimes worse? When you really are sorry, but the words aren't going to convey that. Like when you accidently step on someone's paw. You can say "I'm sorry" all you want, but you still have to find another way to convey that you really are sad about what you did.

Hmm...we're getting deep this morning.
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I use the word entirely too much also. My grandma used to get mad at me for saying it and now my husband does. He thinks I'm taking the blame for something that isn't my fault. But, I also use it if DH comes home and complains about his day; if the cats bat the 4-wheeler key into the basement. I use "I'm sorry" as a way to empathize with the situation...doesn't neccessarily mean I'm apologizing for anything. Maybe I should start using "I feel your pain"?

I agree. Saying "I apologize" is much more powerful. It mean you are taking responsibility for what you had control over.

I understand completely.
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I too use sorry way too much but feel that "I apologise" means a lot more when so many people do say sorry too much... it just doesn't have the same meaning.
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I use "I'm Sorry" a lot!

I hate it when I catch myself thanking everyone though... I think I got that one because at work everytime I get off the phone I say "Thank You". Now, I use it all the time and for any reason!

Thank You for reading my post, and sorry it's boring!
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I try not to use it unless I mean it. At the same time I am trying to teach Kevin to use it, especially when he hits/kicks or bites his brother (he is only sorry that we caught him).
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Oh thank goodness! I was fearing I had a I'm Sorry Complex or something.

I don't like using it so often though, like I said earlier I feel that it has less meaning. It just seems that every where I go I some how say or do the wrong thing and I automatically say "I'm Sorry..." even if I really am not or just don't care.
I do try to avoid saying it at work though...I have been caught a few times but maybe that's why I use it so often when I'm outside of work
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I do that too..I am over apologetic because I am afraid of annoying people or offending them
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My hubby says that I say I'm sorry way to much.
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People have been annoyed with me all my life for saying "I'm sorry" for every little thing. If someone is trying to get through a door with packages and I run to help, I'll say, "I'm sorry, let me get that door." What am I sorry for? I guess just the fact that I wasn't there already...?

And some people don't understand the principle of the I-feel-your-pain sorry -- they'll complain about some problem they're having, I'll say "I'm sorry," and they'll snap, "I didn't say it was your fault!"

There's a John Denver song (don't you dare snicker! He wrote some great songs!) called "I'm Sorry," in which he tells his lost love that he's sorry for all the lies he told her, he's sorry for the things he didn't say, he's sorry if he took some things for granted... and "I'm sorry for the way things are in China."

People have puzzled over that line, but I understand it completely... it's all just part of the weight of sorrows in a life.

Anyway... don't worry. You're not the only one!
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I say it way more than I should.
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I believe I say it too much, too. Sorry!

Originally Posted by adymarie View Post
I try not to use it unless I mean it. At the same time I am trying to teach Kevin to use it, especially when he hits/kicks or bites his brother (he is only sorry that we caught him).
I've found that with children, if you make them say they are sorry (when they are not) they start thinking it's a cure-all for anything they do, and start using it all the time with little or no sincerity. But, if you make them come up with a way to make the person feel better, they have to think more about what they've done, because now they have to try to fix it. Just IMO.
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I call it the "Catholic Guilt".
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