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Question of the day: 6-26-07

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If you could be any age again for 1 week, what age would you want to be?

I think I'd want to be 18 again- 1st year in college, not having a care in the world!

Happy Tuesday!!
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18-19 with the 70's music again Oh the happy memories of clubbing
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honestly? I'm really happy at the age I am right now, 29. I'm completely confident in myself for the first time, I live on my own and I do anything I want to, when I want to, so I'd like to stay this age for a bit
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I'm pretty happy at the age I am now (21). Being 21 hasn't been the easiest, I've been through some stuff. My life is starting to get on the right track, and hopefully will get better.

I turn 22 on July 6!
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I guess 16 to 19. At this time when I was 19 DH was getting back from our first long deployment apart and we were dating. Oh and he proposed less than 3 months later so was a good time in my life!

If I couldn't be those ages, I'd be young enough to just enjoy playing my summer away at my Grandparents house! I'm actually debating taking a trip there next month! Gotta mention that to DH though!
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I would be hmmm 17. It was the last time I was single and I had a blast. I would choose never to have gotten married at that time! We were way to young.
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That is a interesting question..I suppose being in your late teens and early twenties again would be interesting, but I am a very much if I knew then what I know now person. I kind of like the age I am now most of my questions have been answered, I am confidant with who I am, and I trust the things I choose to do. I guess that the price you pay for getting wiser is that getting older thing as well
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I don't want to be any age but the age I am now. I am not to young or to old.
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Age 17 for sure. Best summer of my life! Before the S hit the fan in my life 2 yrs later, I was out of the house most of the time with friends, I was still innocent... I was loudmouthed, confident and had not a care in the world.

I'm still loudmouthed and confident but have lots of cares in the world (hubby, kids, pets, mortgage to worry about!!!)... and I'm not innocent any more!
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You know, I'd have to say the years just keep getting better! So I guess I'll have to pick right now.....of course it's not much older than what everyone is saying, 20 Oh well!
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I love my life how it is right now but if I had to choose I would go back a little over a year ago to the newness of getting married. It was so much fun and very exciting.
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Hmm-very interesting. I really dunno what age to be.....maybe like a little kid again, because it was the 70's/80's and I had no cares in the world!!
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I'm happy being the age I am now (28, almost 29), and generally feel that way regardless of my age. (For some reason, hitting 21 was hard -- it was like, "Yikes, I'm a 20-something ... what now?" -- but after that I haven't had any qualms about my age. All of my friends are older than me, so even hitting the Big 3-0 doesn't strike fear into my heart because everyone else has been there, done that.)

I think I wouldn't mind being five again, though. That was a fun, simple, happy age to be.
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oh i'd want to be 17 again!!!
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For those of you who want to be seventeen again.. do you even remember high school? *shudder*

I'm eighteen and lovin' it! ^_^ Happy with this age.
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I would want to be 19 again, I had a frickin BLAST in college
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I'd love to be 16 again.
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I like 25. I was engaged - then married, finished school, got a good job (still there - different position), got my 1st 2 cats, I was relatively was good.
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I'd like to be 26 again. I was just divorced from the worst man in the world and working on putting my life back together again, (and meeting current hubby! )
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