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Cat Memory

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I'm going on holiday for 2 weeks. A friend will be coming to my house twice a day to look after my cat, Lucy.

My worry is that when I return from my holiday will Lucy remember who I am or will we be back to the stage we were at when we first came together.
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The longest I've been away from Oliver has been a week or so and any time I return home he's allllll over me with the lovin and talkin to me like "where have you been mama?! I've missed you!" I don't think your kitty will forget who you are after just two weeks...

and welcome to the site!! glad you found us! Everyone's very friendly and informative about all your kitty questions - so feel free to ask away!
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My mother had to leave her two cats for a month (myself and my sister stayed over for a while to look after them but they were fed by a neighbour about half of that time). They had no problem remembering her when she got back! One of them especially followed her around for about a week afterwards to make sure she didn't leave again So I wouldn't worry.
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I used to live with my mom and her cats, and some of them liked me the most, that I considered "mine." For various reasons, I didn't bring them when I got married and moved out. I didn't visit for 6 months and when I went back to visit, they definitely still remembered me. One even was VERY shy around strangers, and even my mom, and the other household members, but he liked me for some reason...and he still liked me. My mom even commented on how the ones that weren't "my" cats still liked me and let me pet them too. I never felt that they thought I was a stranger, they just acted like I'd never left at all!
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I'm not going to be leaving my kitty anytime soon, but it's really nice to hear that she would miss me if I did. I would DIE if I came home and she didn't know who I was!!
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I have a cat in a different country, and i only get to see a couple of times in 5 years, but, everytime i go over, they remember me.

You shouldnt have too much problem.
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Cats have amazing memories...don't worry
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we go on vacations all the time, and travel non stop. Our grandma comes to feed our little ones and everytime we come home they are all over us, non stop loving. He will remember you, and love you forver and ever
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I think they remember, too. My parents' cat remembered me whenever I visited.

They also seem to have good memories for fellow animals... a family member comes to stay with me once or twice a year and will sometimes bring her young cat. So far he and my cat have remembered each other each time they're reunited... they played together when hers was a kitten. If they didn't, I think there'd be fighting, since they're both adult males now.
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