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Cat throwing up after eating,

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Hi, I am worried about Rusty, The last 2 days that I know of he has been throwing up after he eats. As far as I know he never throws up other wise. He had a problem when he was very small, we had to bottle feed him and we almost lost him because a little while after giving him his formula he would throw it up but we didn't realize it right away because he would throw up in the cat litter and then try to bury it.

He almost starved to death because of it. Thanks to a very sharp vet we saved him, the vet told me over the phone what I needed to do and do it quick to save him. We were lucky he was old enough that he was starting to eat solid kitten food and drinking water already so we just stopped giving him the formula.

He has grown into a big healthy orange cat, that has never had any problems since. Missy throws up her food every so often but she has done that for the last 10 years I have known her so I don't get to worried about it, but like I said, Rusty has never thrown up food soon after eating since he was a little guy so for him all of a sudden to be doing it worries me. I have also noticed that sometimes when he pees in the litter box it stinks so bad it makes my eyes water when I clean out the clumps. He must also have a huge bladder because he leaves baseball size clumps in the litter box sometimes.

I am going to call the vet about it, but how worried should I be about this? He has been shedding something terrible lately also. He gets huge lumps of tangled hair on the top of his back that I have to take a old fine tooth comb to get out. Could him grooming himself while loosing so much hair be making him throw up?
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The vet would know his background so is your best bet, but with the large pee clumps I would have his blood levels checked to rule out diabetes.

It could be a hairball, but I personally wouldn't take any chances.
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Hi, Rusty has not thrown up in some time now but I think I am going to take him in for a check up anyway. He has not been to the vet in a long time.
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