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What is the best kitten food?

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I'm looking to get the best kitten food for my kitten. Currently, the foster is feeding Purina Kitten Chow, but I have a feeling it's not the best (as Purina isn't a very good brand of dog food).

I was thinking about possibly either "Kitten Soul" or Felidae? How are those?

(Price isn't an issue.)
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whiskers kitten food is good...
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I love Merricks. It has no by-products, no wheat gluten, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and they have a good list of ingredients.
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wiskers is ok for a treat but not a full time kitten food. i use royal canin kitten wet and sicence plan dry kitten food.
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When we found out Camaro was pregnant we slowly moved her over to Wellness Kitten and her kits will also be on it. It can get to be pricey.
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i use Pro Plan kitten, and it seems to be a really good food.
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I had my kitten on Wellness kitten, but I turned her over to EVO at about 9 months of age. Most times you should feed kitten formula (dry) till the one year mark, but she was already eating my older cats adult food and digesting it fine so I put them both on EVO... I had to because the older cat was eating the kitten food and the kitten eating the adult formula.
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Ours is about 7 months now, and we have been using Nutro Natural Choice. She has nice, hard stool and seems to really like the taste of it. No complaints here.
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We're using Evo as well for mom and kittens. For my other cats, they get chicken soup
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Felidae is a really good food, but I have always been hesitant of feeding it to a kitten because they only have "all stages" food, no kitten formula. Call me crazy, but I prefer to feed stuff just for kittens.

As far as "Chicken Soup For the Kitten Lover's Soul", I only heard good stuff about it.

Here is a food chart you can check out. It was put together for ferret owners, however, since the requirements for ferrets and kittens are so similar, this chart would be very benificial for you in your "quest for the perfect kitten food".

Good luck and let me know what you choose.

BTW, I know for a fact, that if you email CSFKLS, they will send you a sample of their food for your kitten(s) to try.
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The website you posted is no longer active.

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Originally Posted by roxmroll View Post

The website you posted is no longer active.


Hi roxmroll and welcome to TCS!


The websites are probably no longer available as the thread is eight years old.

I think it's unlikely that those who posted will respond, but you never know!  :)

post #13 of 14 has a huge variety of good kitten food. i switch mine up for variety. i use wellness wet, proplan wet, fancy feast wet, iams wet. no dry at all. i don't want my cats developing diabetes and kidney problems. purina kitten chow is garbage! it's about the worst food you can give a kitten. it's full of corn and other fillers..

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Don't look at the brand look at the first ingredient. which should not be #########meal but pure meat it should say Chicken, Salmon, beef etc,.. Do not accept if it says, as the first ingredient Chicken meal, fish meal or an animal by products. This are ground up any part of an animal including feathers. Also make sure, if possible, that the ingredients were from America. especially not cChina or Asia.  

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