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A Fetching Girl

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I know I show too many photos of Daphne but she's irresistable (to me, anyway)

I have a tough time getting photos of her when she's moving! She has compensated for the collar by scooping the ball into the collar then grabbing it with her teeth. Stitches and collar are all gone tomorrow! Oh and yes, that is duct tape on the collar. She managed to wiggle out with just the velcro, so now it is taped on the outside. This fetching thing is so cool to me I've never personally known a cat that fetches - until now

When she brings the paper back, she just vibrates with anticipation of it being thrown again. Then takes off in a blur to get it. Wish I had a large space for her to play in

There's my paper ball .... pick it up, pick it up!

Bringin' it back ....

Bringin' it back yet again ...

And again ....

And still .... again ....
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Awww what a a lovely cat...

Sophia my girl kitten, was picking up a paper ball, I made in her mouth ,it was soo cute because she was just walking around the house with it in her mouth...

I would throw the paper ball up the stairs and she would chase and bring it back down in her mouth
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Pogue does this and I just swoon everytime. Oh the cuteness of seeing them come running back with the toy in their mouth! LOVE IT!
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Sophie plays fetch with her favorite toy, too. It's so endearing!
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OMG that is adorable! And so is she!
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awww we totally love Daphne to itsy pieces so keep those photos coming

Look at her still having some kitty fun even with that collar on bless her, hows she doing
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Aww I love when they carry things in their mouth Daphne is playful even in her collar
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She is so happy to have her stitches out. She gave the vet tech several pieces of her mind as he was removing them Nasty old collar is all gone.

I noticed that her whiskers are much shorter. They must have broken with the collar bumping against them Hope they grow out soon. It is really noticable in the first photo here.

I'm so glad this is all over, whew! Now she can just be Daphne, hanging over my shoulder, kissing me awake, trying to take the phone from my hand, picking on Seb and then yelling to get him in trouble She runs behind my legs after she attacks him so I can protect her. She's my little sweetie pie
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Great pics! Glad she's getting better too!
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She is gorgeous!!
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Daphne IS quite fetching!! love the expression in that last pic
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That is soo funny! What a smart girl she is
I`ve never known a cat that fetches but I wish Kitty would as I get more of a work out than him when we play!
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