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New Summertime Routine??

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Does your cat launch into a new routine once summertime rolls around? Zoey used to sleep about 3-4 hours a day, now it suddenly seems more like 6-7... I'm sure it's because of the heat, right? During the day, when it's warm (we don't have central air, we have a swamp cooler [] and we've been getting alot of rain [] so it doesn't work in this humidity ) she sleeps. Then when it gets cooler, she gets very active. But it seems she still sleeps pretty well at night... So she sleeps alot more than usual. Does anybody else's cats do this? Is it normal? I guess it's pretty smart... Maybe I should start sleeping during the day and working during the cool hours of nighttime!
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my cats do the same. they sleep allll day,then come into the a/c in the bedroom to drive me nuts,lol.

I have noticed tho on the hottest days, they will sleep ALOT.
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Radar is spending more time hanging out in the bathroom where it's cooler, I've ended up putting his bed (er... a cardboard box with an old sweater in it, money is no object around here ) in the shower cubicle to make it a bit more comfy for him.

Sonic is waking up a bit earlier and is sleeping on our legs rather than snuggled up by my neck under the covers, I think that was getting a bit warm for him (and me)!
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