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interested in cat shows

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Hi everyone. I don't have a purebred kitty and probably won't for a long time, but cat shows intrigue me. I'm also into dog shows (I'm getting a show dog soon). So... what goes on at a cat show? I mean, besides the obvious? Do they make the cats stand in a pose like the dogs? How expensive is it?

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If you have a mixed breed cat you can still show him/her. They have a special class called "Household Pet"

The cats really don't do anything, like in a dog show. You take them to each ring, the judge will put them on a small table and examine them for health, grooming, personality. In purebreds you have a written standard that the cat is judged by.

Basically you want a cat that is not afraid to be handled by strangers, likes to play with toys and is used to crowds. Some cats hate it, some tolerate it, and some really enjoy it.

You can look up local shows in your area in Cat Fanciers Association, The International Cat Association, American Cat Fanciers Assoc. and a few smaller ones (in the United States). Every weekend there is a show or several going on across the country. Maybe you can find one in your area to go see what they do.

The expense varies - the entry fee may average about $45-50 depending on the number of rings - usually 6-12 rings. So if you break it down per ring, you are only paying about $5 per ring or less.
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GK is right I didn't answer earlier since I don't show in the US.

The costs vary between registries and it depends entirely on how far you want to go. TICA has titles for HHP even.
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I am currently showing 2 cats on average I spend $150-$300 per show. The one day shows are cheaper for me because I save on hotel cost so I perfer those. Those costs include entry fee, gas, and hotel. I don't count food because we need to eat anyway. I also don't count the money we spend at vendors because that is money I choose to spend but is not needed.

And it is good to teach your cat the stretch poses. A lot of judges do stretch the cats. Also they use wand toys so those are good to practice with as well.
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Thanks for the tips! It sounds like fun.
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what about just attending? does that cost anything? how do you find out about shows in your area?
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Usually an admission fee - varies from $5-10. Not much for a day's worth of entertainment
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