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Good Morning!

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Good Morning, Everyone!

Well, it looks like it's going to be another beautiful day in East Tennessee! TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!

I realize I've never listed the names of my cats, so I would like to do so. They're the reason I'm here after all!

When I moved here 5 years ago, my first baby was brought home by my boyfriend (now fiance). Her name is Nyasha. She is a long-haired gray beauty with a love only for her mommy! She not very social with other people but is in constant need of my attention! In fact, if another cat gets on my lap, or if she hears me even call one of the others, she comes right away to reclaim her position!

Patches was rescued by my mother and son from a Wal-Mart parking lot. She was very tiny and so scared. She took to us immediately and has been ever grateful for her loving home. She is short-haired, white with dark gray patches. She has a very crooked tooth on the bottom that looks so funny when she meows. The doc says not to worry with it as long as she eats well, and she does! She is especially fond of my fiance. She loves to roll around in his stinky work clothes. The stinkier the better! She is in pure ecstasy!

About a year and a half ago my children brought a beautiful white and black long-haired home. We named her Harley. I took her right away to the vet for shots and spay. She appeared to have been spayed and for 6 months didn't come into heat (she was at least that old when we got her), so I thought we were safe. NOT! She bolted out the door one day and the rest is history! She had to go live with a very nice lady on a farm about 6 months ago. She's very happy.

Her offspring were born last June 1 (Marilyn Monroe's b-day!). My children and my "adopted daughter" from down the street were witness to their birth. It was Wild Kingdom in my bedroom! Harley obviously did not want to be left alone (I thought that was very strange!) so the kids had to keep vigil. Four babies were born and we each chose one and named our kitten. They are all girls and look almost identical except for the markings on their front paws. They have long hair and the most luxurious tails! I am just now able to tell them apart in the face (most of the time), but still rely more on their individual personalities and paws! They are: Taz, Duckie, Inka, and Norma Jean (in honor of Marilyn!). They are such sweeties and I just adore all of my babies!

Well, that was long! So, I wish you all a great day and an even better weekend!!

"Cats are a mysterious kind of folk - there is more passing in their minds than we are aware of."
--Sir Walter Scott
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They all sound very wonderful. I have found with most animal lovers that once you have 1 cat..it never seems enough. I really hate to think whats going to happen if I ever get a bigger house!
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Thanks for introducing them!

Now we want to see pictures!
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Femkat6; What a great introduction to the family. Sounds like a busy household, full of love! I second Anne; we need to see pictures!
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I don't have any way to send pics right now of my girls. I have some film to develope with lots of pictures of them. I think I will get the photos on CD. Then I should be able to post them here, right? I'll need help with that. I'll let you know when I'm ready! I have been looking at the pics of other folks' babies...oh what adorable kitties you all have!
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Dearest Margot,
Your ´stories were such exciting and interesting, wow! Specially I was touched about Harley, say hello to him!

I wish for you sunshine and warm purrrrrrrrrrrs!
With love:
Your new friend Repsukka

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