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Grand kitty's

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Here's my Grand Kitty's or 2 of them anyway there cuties
My Daughter gave my SIL 2 of them 2 black boys she named them Tom & Jerry because they looked like twins they look so tiny still

My Granddaughter Melyssa and one of them

And the Momma & little one on the couch

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How sweet!!
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wow they are such cuties..
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Awwwwww look at the little dumplings
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Very cute kittens
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Aww the little one looks just like Ditka's brother Rocky (my sister adopted him). What a cutie!
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Aww! How sweet are they!
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Oh they are so sweet to and they look so tiny but they play like Crazy. My SIL took 2 of them and she said they are so funny they follow her all over, she has a Female Cat about 3 years old and Rosie just Loves them wraps her little legs around them and cuddles with them.. I have only seen them 2 times I can't afford to
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cute as pie when they are having their photos taken but of course just full of beans and mischief when no-ones looking
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They are adorable Lois
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