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LOL Skye!

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I guess Skye thought I wasnt giving her enough attention. I could feel her pawing at me and I kept patting her. Then I feel two legs on my hip . I was kinda curled up in my chair but their wasnt enough room for all of Skye to get on me. So I look over to pet her and I see the back of her head but still felt two legs. So I look at her body and see that she is sitting on my hip with just her back legs front legs on the arm of the chair. I said Skye what are you doing and she started trying to slowly back up farther up my body. I finally moved around so she could lay on my lap. I really love this girl. Shes purring like a motor boat.
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Aww what a sweetie! I guess she got her mommy's attention.
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She just wants some lovin's!!
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She's got your number.
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Aww how sweet
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