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1408 & Heart Shaped Box... anyone else seen/read them yet?

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I am not easily frightened. Easily grossed out, yes -- I cannot handle grue and gore. But being afraid to turn out the light after reading a scary book, that sort of thing... no, I'm pretty tough.

But yesterday, I finished reading "Heart Shaped Box," the outstanding (and very scary!) new novel by Joe Hill, who is actually Joe Hillstrom King, son of Stephen... and today, I went to see "1408," a new movie based on one of Stephen King's short stories. Maybe it's the cumulative effect -- but this movie skeert me!

In fact, a couple of times, I found myself actually reaching for my purse, unconsciously moving to get up and leave. I also covered my eyes a time or two, but there really isn't much gross-out factor at all. Instead, the movie makes you think scary things, and makes you think you're about to see something you really, really, really don't want to see.

John Cusack (whom I adore), Samuel L. Jackson (also a favorite), Tony Shalhoub (small role, but he plays it huge). Excellent.
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I can't even watch the commercials for that movie or any scary are brave
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I wondered about Heart Shaped Box. I would like to buy it - is it worth the money?

I just read about 1408 yesterday - it sounds really good!
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I want to see 1408 but I have never heard of that book.
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I've read Heart-Shaped Box Joe Hill writes like his father USED to write, before he decided to rest upon his laurels.
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Kiwi, if you normally buy hardback, yes, I'd say it's worth it -- but since I'm habitually poor, I very rarely buy hardback books. I got it from the good ol' library!

Katl8te, I know what you're saying, but I still love King the Elder. He's always branched off into genres that I didn't enjoy much (like the whole Dark Tower thing), but even when the story doesn't appeal to me, he's so good with the language that I enjoy him anyway.

Also... this era of "lesser works" from Stephen King began after that terrible accident in which he very nearly died. I don't think he has "decided to rest on his laurels"... I think it's just harder for him now, y'know? But I always like to read him... it's like hearing from an old friend.
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Hmm... I believe I'll skip both of those. I always have vivid dreams about the books I read and the movies I see. It's only good if you really like the stories!
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I read the book earlier this year-the Wall Street Journal reviewed it.
I just bought Stephen King's (aka Richard Bachman's) new one yesterday.
I have all his books but admit I would have to read the Dark Tower series again and I bought the last two books in the series but haven['t read them-they are kind of odd.
Stephen King's wife is also a writer though she hasn't published much-Tabitha King.
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Neither the book or the movie seem to be my idea of fun!!
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I am excited to go see 1408. I suspect it is going to be on the level of creepy that Pet Semetary was. eeek.

My mom always says "Can you imagine what it would be like to be married to a guy with that imagination?" (meaning S. King)
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SW, yes, if movies tend to sneak into your dreams... stay away from this one! Yikes!

Gail, oh boy, I can hardly wait to read the new Bachman! I read King's foreword to it on his website yesterday, and y'know, I always love his forewords and afterwords, when he talks to the reader directly, as himself... I think I just plain like the guy, I just enjoy his "company."

Have you read any of Tabitha? I read three... and I just can't stand her stuff. Wanted to like her... just couldn't.

Adrienne, the part of the movie that really is fun, I should say, is the cleverness of the writing itself. John Cusack's character, in conversation with Samuel L. Jackson's character and in monologue with his little tape recorder, is just a fascinating guy, a great turner of phrases. But aside from that, you're right... this is not a feel-good movie!

Boog's Mom, yes ma'am! "Pet Sematary" is one of my favorite King books! Like most movies of King's work, that one fell short for me, but the book itself is genius, full of brilliant ideas -- most of them deeply disturbing. A really good thinking scare, that one. Comparing the two movies, I think "1408" is 'way, 'way better -- but as a book, "Pet Sematary" is far more complex and challenging than the short story "1408" is based on.

And I wonder whether your mom said that about being married to someone with such an imagination because she thought it would be bad... or because she thought it would be good? Personally, I think I'd love being with someone who is so on fire inside, partly for the heat, and partly because it's my nature to enjoy being the support system for someone more gifted than myself. Actually, Stephen King is one of my silly schoolgirl crushes...
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Yes Tabitha doesn't write quite the same as her husband or son does she!!
I have to finish a Patricia Cornwall novel then I start the bachman book. I haven't even finished reading Lisey's Story (I have to find the book its around here somewhere!!)
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I'm just reading Heart Shaped Box now. Really good. Just keeps surprising me!

The thing I always loved about Stephen King was that he is just a good storyteller. My favorite books of his aren't necessarily the horror books. I loved Eyes of the Dragon - more of a fantasy, and The Body - a novella they made into the movie Stand By Me. Also, more recently, The Green Mile. That one was just as good as a movie! Oh, and I vividly remember reading Pet Semetary, and thinking, "oh no, something awful is going to happen to these people, and I LIKE them!"
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I went to see 1408 couple days ago. It was a pretty good movie. It's not like most horror movies where stuff just jumps out at you from out of no where. It actually makes you think and is really suspenseful. Sadly I haven't read the book 1408 yet but I have read heart shaped box and I liked it.
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
The thing I always loved about Stephen King was that he is just a good storyteller. My favorite books of his aren't necessarily the horror books.
i love The Stand, The Green Mile & Insomnia - but every once & a while, he really does scare me... i had Christine, & had to throw it away - couldn't even have it in the house with me! after that, i started reading his stuff from the library before investing in a book.
he writes so densely, his short stories often make better movies than his novels - you just can't get everything into a movie from one of his novels.
as a side note - i read a short story [fairytale type] he wrote when he was 9, in a writing workshop - somehwat derivative, but just different enough... excellent writing for a 9 year old. this guy could always write!
his intro to the re-issue of The Stand is my favorite - i chuckle out loud reading his 'condensed' version of Hansel & Gretel!
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I want to see the movie also.I LOVE scarey/bloody/gorey movies.
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I can't even watch the commercials for that movie or any scary are brave
I am terrified of movies like that
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