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Snipped today

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My little grey and white stray got snipped and vaccinated today, as well as blood tested. They will do the microchip when the blood results come back in a day or two. He is fine, upset at no food, but went to sleep on my lap as soon as we were home. I have put fliers round at all the pharmacies, the supermarket, the municipal offices in each local commune and of course hte vets. I don't want to name him till I am sure I will keep him - it would make him really mine and then be too heartbreaking to lose him. Mind you, as far as he is concerned, he definitely lives here. On Saturday he escorted the gardeners all round the property, only disappearing for a couple of hours while they lit a bonfire. He has a favourite chair, a window seat that he likes, and I can't sit down without him jumping on me and licking my hands. So I am now thinking about the introduction process, and I think that will not be easy. I am wondering about doing it one cat at a time, and who to start with?
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Oh he's been done already I thinks he's made your home his Jenny that's for sure

Are we getting anymore pics of him?
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Oh I so hope he's going to be with you furrever! Thanks for updating us! I've been thinking about him!
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poor kitty, hey but at least he has a home now i hope
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I would suggest Biscotte, then once he smells a little more like her, Biscotte's "boy friend" Wellington....then go from there. Do the "toughest" last as he will smell more like the others...
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Sounds like he has moved in for good! I hope the intros go well and that no one claims him as I can tell he has a big space in your heart already!
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How's he doing today, Jenny? I'd also suggest starting with Biscotte.
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