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1 Kitten needs home in Cols, Oh

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Hello Everyone I am posting for a friend because they need to adopt out their kitten's brother ASAP. Situation is they are living in a condo that His parent's are letting them stay in that they JUST bought and they already have a dog and adopted one kitten and the parents said that is all. His girlfriend volunteered to foster the brother kitten without permission and it was not a happy scene.

HOPEFULLY someone will be able to turn this into a happy one.
The kitten is 11 weeks old and the last of the 3 kitten litter. Vaccinations and neutering can be done for free. So this is literally a FREE KITTEN to a good home.

Here is a picture of the little guy.
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He is soooo cute

I would take him in a heart beat ,but from what I can see you are from Ohio right?. I'm from Rhode Island I have 2 girls one is 16 yrs old and still full of life the other is 10 and she is my fatty baby and she thinks she is a baby..(Not that I treat her any other way....LOL). My daughter just adopted 2 boys 8 weeks old they are sooo cute and lovable one of them Jaxs he looks just like the picture you sent she just moved this weekend toPA (SO SAD) and I won't get to see them as much . If there is a way I can help let me know . Please someone in the area or near by Kitty needs a good home.
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Where is Cols, OH?
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I think Cols may be short for Columbus?
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Yep it is, Me and the Kitten are in Columbus Ohio but If it can find a home I can drive up to Delaware, Powell, Worthington, Dublin, pretty much anywhere within a half hour radius
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THANK YOU everyone for considering this Kitten! He now has a HOME!!!!!!
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wonderful news! He is just too sweet
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That's so great to hear We are happy for baby kitty . He is soooooooo cute.
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