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post radioiodine treatment

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my cat has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and will be undergoing radioiodione treatment. i am a bit concerned with my cat when she comes home post-treatment i as live in a small apartment and have to limit my contact with her. I know that she is not allowed to sleep in my bed or snuggle with me, however i'm not sure, as we live in such small quarters, how to limit our contact. has anyone who has been in a similar situation have any pointers?
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When my kitty Jazz came home I closed the bedroom door when I went to sleep at night. If I remember correctly they told me not to let her cuddle/sit on me, but she could stay an arms length from me so I would pet her head everytime I walked by. You don't say how small your place is. Do you have a bedroom where you can close the door?
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Personally, I didn't really limit my time around Spot. I followed the rules on the litter only because I was warned that throwing out radioactive litter would set off alarms at the dump and cause major problems. Humans receive a dose about 10 times stronger than cats and go home the same day with no restrictions. The amount of radiation that the cats receive is similar to the amount of background radiation from a cross-country flight. I don't fly much, so I figured time spent near Spot was instead of flying. The only time I would urge someone to follow the guidelines would be if they were pregnant or had small children at home. The amount of radiation is cumulative, so it's best not to expose someone with a lot of life/time left to be exposed to radiation in the future.

If you do wish to reduce exposure, I would suggest playing with her (most toys will keep her far enough away from your body) and allowing her to sleep near you or in a cat bed but not on you.
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When Katy had I131, I pretty much did what cloud shade did. I didn't let her sleep with me for 2 weeks and did treat the litter as was recommended, but I didn't really worry about being close to her. I work here at home and she'd spend a lot of her day sleeping less than an arm's length from me. In the beginning, I used latex gloves whenever I petted her or handled her, but I eventually quit even doing that.

The rules vary according to whichever state you live in, and Iowa's much more lenient than some.
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