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My sick little kitten

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Hey All... I'm new here. I found this site this afternoon while looking up some potential answers about my sick kitten. First, let me introduce myself... I'm Mandy, and I have two cats- Mikaela (1), and Joey (8 weeks). Joey and Mikaela don"t *quite* get along yet, but we're working on it.

Here is Joey's story:
I got him from a local pet store last Sunday, 6/16. I know that shelters are usually the better option, but I have had 2 shelter kitties and they were both very ill when i brought them home. The store gave me a health certificate with Joey, saying that he was free from disease. In fact, state law requires this certificate. He was said to be in good health, with no problems.

The day after I got him home, I noticed that he had some diarrhea. Not terrible, but enough. i gave him extra water, and called the vet that certified him. She said to just give him a few days, it was from the stress. I watched his water intake, but gave him a few more days. On Thursday, his diarrhea had not been any better, so I called her again. She again said that it was just stress and to let it be. So, I reluctantly listened. Saturday, Joey got uncontrollable diarrhea. He couldn't even make it to his box. The vet that certified him wasn't open, but she said to bring him to the pet store so he could be watched. I spoke with the pet store and they agreed to watch him overnight and the vet would make a personal visit in the morning. I brought him up saturday night and left him.

Sunday I called to come and get him and they said they wanted to keep him one more day. I said okay, if it is better for him. They said the vet had given him medicine for coccidia, and he would be fine.

Today, I got a voicemail from the pet store owner saying that she is keeping Joey for the rest of the week (ie: until the day my health certificate expires). She said that he still had diarrhea and she didn't want him going home. Now, i have lost all my faith in this store and this vet. i do not feel my pet is getting the attention he requires, and I want him to see my regular vet. I armed myself with pet ownership laws, and went to the pet store. The owner was refusing to let the cat leave unless i signed a form absolving her and her store from any vet fees. Naturally, i refused because I have 14 days of health care through the vet that certified Joey, and the pet store pays. When I said I would not sign the form, she threatened to call the police. I told her about the pet ownership laws in the state, even showed her the section and article number. I have the right to remove my animal at any time. She refused to listen, and called the police. She spoke with someone, and they told her what i said- he is my pet, and I have the right to remove him if I want to. So, the police told her they'd come, but they'd be helping me to leave and not helping the kitty to stay.

At this point, the woman started yelling. She signed the form for me, saying she was signing saying that I wouldn't. She refused to give me the medicine that the vet had prescribed Joey, and said that she was "just looking out for his health". There were words exchanged, and ended up just leaving with my kitty.

Now, we are waiting for our appt with my normal vet. He will get a thorough check up in an hour, and more medicine. The kicker is they would not even give my a stool sample from the box Joey was using there, so the vet can't even check that!

Send him well wishes..
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Wow,that sounds like a nightmare you've been through!! And poor little Joey,too! Thank goodness you stuck to your guns and got him out of there!! There were sure giving you the run around! Sending many vibes and well wishes for little Joey and you....and prayers that your vet can help him!
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Sending lots of good vibes to Joey

The pet store and owner sound like they are only thinking of their own interests, not Joey's. I am glad you got him back. I have a feeling there would have been a very bad outcome if he stayed there.

Let us know what your vet says.
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Seems like you ran into a typical pet store deal. Kittens & cats there are often sick & purebreds are often over-bred & have genetic defects. It's the owners look at $$$, not lives.

I really hope that your vet has some good news for Joey. Poor boy...
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You did the right thing, thank you for that. If I were you I'd write an editorial and submit it to your local newspaper to discourage people from buying kittens from that particular shop.

How sad. I guess I'm lucky, all of the pet stores in my area (including the big chain stores) are all employed with people who truly love animals.

I'm sending good thoughts & lots of prayers for little Joey
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joey is doing a little better now... he still has some diarrhea, but he is on techmix from the vet, which is a pedialyte type drink.

the vet said he has some ideas what is wrong, but he wants to wait to treat until he gets tests back tomorrow. he said the first vet and pet store were wrong about coccidia, his tests have ruled that out completely so far. we are picking up medication when the tests come back tomorrow and Joey has a follow up friday.

I'll keep you updated! thanks for all the well wishes.
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Thanks for the update! Still sending get well soon {{{vibes}}} for little Joey. I hope it turns out to be something that can be treated easily. By the way....welcome to The Cat Site!! It's truly a wonderful place for us kitty lovers!!
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Originally Posted by mandykaine View Post
joey is doing a little better now... he still has some diarrhea, but he is on techmix from the vet, which is a pedialyte type drink.

the vet said he has some ideas what is wrong, but he wants to wait to treat until he gets tests back tomorrow. he said the first vet and pet store were wrong about coccidia, his tests have ruled that out completely so far. we are picking up medication when the tests come back tomorrow and Joey has a follow up friday.

I'll keep you updated! thanks for all the well wishes.

I am sending prayers for you and for Joey! Please keep us updated. I think you saved this little guy's life.
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So, all Joey's tests came back negative. He had a followup on Friday, and the vet found that he lost weight (went from 2.7 lbs to 2.2 lbs in 4 days). He was hospitalized for the night, and came back home today. He went through a second round of tests, and everything is negative. The vet really isn't sure why he is still sick.

He's still on the pedialyte type drink for hydration, and was put on a boiled chicken and rice diet for a few days. The vet has changed him to a prescribed gastrointestinal diet that is dry food, but kind of soft. He has another follow up on Monday.

Joey has also decided that he really doesn't care to use the litter box anymore... first he stopped covering his mess up when he went, now he just goes wherever the heck he feels like it. I have been using a pet odor remover with my carpet shampooer every time, so i am fairly certain that the scent is gone. It isn't a consistant spot he goes in, either. It's just wherever he happens to be. So, for now he is staying in the bathroom with his litter box after he eats... I have been trying to put his stool in the box after he uses the carpet, and showed him how to cover it with his paws. No luck yet...

Poor littly guy has had a rough couple weeks...
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Oh, I'm so glad you got him back home! What awful people you had to deal with! Hopefully, he will settle in and start using the box. Sending good thoughts and prayers for little Joey, and for you.
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Bless his heart! I hope the chicken and rice will help him and get his tummy straightened out soon. Well wishes continue!
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oh, I am praying for the sweet angel. will he eat his special diet food ok? Hug him for me, and please keep us updated.
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Aww, hope the little guy gets better, bless his little heart. He sounds like a fighter. and good healing vibes sent your way.
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I'm just seeing this thread now...poor Joey and poor have both been through a lot in a short time...I hope he gets better I have a Joey too
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I'm praying for little Joey. The poor guy, he's been through a lot in his short life. I hope he gets well very soon.
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Awww...I'm glad you rescued the little guy and I hope he gets better. It's really no fun when your new little pal turns out to be sick. But thank you for being so patient with him and getting him the help he needs. Best of luck.
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I hope Joey gets better soon. Definitely proves that health certificates from pet stores don't mean squat. Pet stores are horrid places.
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Aw, poor Joey. I hope he starts feeling better. Hugs
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i'm glad he seems to be doing better - continued well wishes/prayers on their way to you!
for litterbox issues, i highly recommend Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract for Cats & Kittens. i have a little formerly feral who was quite inconsistent with her litterbox use until i tried this litter - she's doing great, now! there's also an additive available to add to regular litter, altho my local petsmart didn't carry it. you'll have to check to see what you can find, locally. if no one carries either, you can order either the litter or the additive online. just run a search with your favorite search engine for "Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract".
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Joey is feeling about the same. Still has some loose stool, but nothing near as bad as before. He's eating a ton, and super playful.

here's a picture:

Somehow, even though i got him tons of toys that cardboard box is his favorite, haha
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Awww, what a precious baby!!! I'm so glad he's feeling better, bless his little striped heart!
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Most adoption groups and even pet store owners will try to keep and heal a kitten with diarheaa rather than give it to the new parents. This is because kittens with diarheaa tend to die really quickly if they are not treated correctly and promptly. And many new kitten parents (not counting you) make a mistake and stop treating the kitten too soon or just do not do the right thing or do not act quickly enough.

Also there could have been a fear that the kitten has FIP or another disease which cannot easily be tested for or ruled out until symptoms like diarheaa or other signs appear. In this case since you have another cat, it would be prudent for the adopting group to not want you to have the sick cat until they could treat it.

So the people who wanted your cat back for a week were actually trying to do the right thing even if it was scary and disturbing to you. And it sounds like they did not have the best communication skills.

Your kitten stopped using the litter box because he associated his diarheaa pain with the box. Indeed the Cat Attract litter is a really good idea and you should get that.

Also you need to go the extra mile on the places where he eliminated inappropriately. Cover them completely if you are able to, using furniture, aluminum foil, or anything that will keep him from going back there. You may have gotten rid of the smell but just in case, you should make that area off limits for him.

In order to get him situated back to his litter box, you should keep him in one room where the box is nearby. You may already be doing this, but if not, it is a good idea. If you see him use the box, give him lots of praise and an occasional treat.

Good luck. You really care for your kitty and that is commendable!
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he's very cute - looks kinda like my Cable!
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what a little cutie!
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Awww! He's a sweet little baby isn't he!!!?

Your terrifying story is all too common with pet store cats and dogs. They just don't care and the vet's that give "certificates of health" are in on it most of the time.

I hope you and your buddy make it through your ordeal and stick it to that pet store and vet! You and Joey will be having good thoughts sent your way by lots of people and kities it seems
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Please read this website immediately: It's LOADED with valuable information, including about IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), which your kitten may or may not have. Dr. Lisa Pierson wrote this website and has helped my cat tremendously -- my cat got diarrhea brought on by me giving him Whiskas Temptations cat treats for only one week and the diarrhea lasted for 5 MONTHS even though I had thrown out the treats right away. I tried many different natural remedies first and nothing was a permanent solution. Finally took him to a vet who prescribed Flagyl and Albon (liquid form), which we had to force feed into his mouth and the trauma made his diarrhea far worse -- he ended up pooping diarrhea on our bed and in every room of our place! The medication did nothing!

Anyway, Dr. Pierson's advise and information solved the problem with just the right food that nature intended for cats -- we should know that cats are carnivores. The ideal food she recommends is raw food you make yourself, her recipe is on her website. But I opted for her plan B, which is commercially prepared frozen raw food, which my cat didn't eat at all, even though I tried mixing it with things he does like such as catnip, etc. So I had to go for her plan C, which is canned food. First I tried a brand she recommended, Nature's Variety canned chicken+turkey, and he DID have solid poop finally! But he ate less and less of it, so I panicked and bought a canned brand which wasn't on her recommended list, Pet Promise canned chicken -- I bought it because it had no hormones or by-products, but it did have rice, and my cat pooped diarrhea on our bed a second time. You will see in Dr. Pierson's website that she doesn't recommend giving cats any grains because it's not what nature intended for them to have. Then I tried Wellness canned chicken, which is a brand she recommends -- he likes it and has been having solid poops ever since!!!

I'm so happy and relieved that my cat's chronic diarrhea problem had a solution AND it turned out to be such a simple, healthy and inexpensive solution after all!

In case anyone's wondering what I was feeding my cat before being referred to Dr. Pierson, I was giving him Innova Evo dry food. The wierd thing is that he didn't have problems before I gave him the cat treats, but the treats had corn in it which may have been the culprit as I've heard corn can cause problems for cats. Dr. Pierson didn't know why the diarrhea continued long after the cat treats, so she concluded the problem to be IBD.

I hope Dr. Pierson's information about proper diet will help your sweet kitten! Do keep us posted!
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