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Scaling the walls????

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So Im not sure if my cat is the only one who does this but it is weird... LOL! Whenever my cat is hyper (5 year old male orange tabby poly) he will run up to a wall, jump as high as possible, and slide down the wall (grasping it with his claws)... Sometimes when he chases the kitten he gets distracted and feels the need to scale the wall instead. Very strange, and Im not sure what the purpose of it is. He does this daily! Anyone else experience this???
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Well, my bengals actually climb the walls. We have two very small areas in our TV room with low pile loop carpet running up the walls (very '70s decor LOL). One of these is inside a closet alcove and has a hat shelf at the top. They discovered they could run and climb the wall to reach the shelf to hang out. It's very amusing.
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Ok so my cat isn't a total loner lol. Im sure if there was carpet along the walls instead of dry wall he and the kitten would climb it, especially since the kitten loves to pull herself across the carpet... goofy cats... Im not sure why he does this tho, there is no shelf, no exciting destination, nada. He just runs as fast as he can, jumps as high as he can and then slides down the wall (usually the corner of a wall)... So strange... Sometimes he will sit and stare at the wall, and then proceed to sclae it for no reason.
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Well, that's not actually all. The little girl bengal (Lily) scales our fireplace trying to get to the "paw" that holds their cat dancer toy in place. It's about 5 feet up and she's smart enough to have figured out that if she can tear it off of the brick, that she can drag the toy around the house. So I've caught her several times leaping up that high and holding onto the wall in the morter crevaces while she tries to pull the thing down! It's amazing - that's a bengal for you though.
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My goodness. Are they cats or monkeys lol. My kitten likes to literally hang and swing on her 3.5 foot scratching post (it has a ledge at the top)... Too cute. Bengals huh? Beautiful cats I must say. Yours seem to be quite smart and stinkers non the less
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hahhaah. That's so funny. I was reading this and thinking about last night. My boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when Merlynn attempted to scale the entertainment center.

Okay, here's the background. We have a two story carpeted condo usually by the couch and a 5 foot cat tree usually next to the entertainment center. They found it to be oh so fun to climb to the top of the tree and leap onto the entertainment center (about 6 feet tall) and walk around...for what?...I don't know. The first time Merlynn did that I almost had a frickin' heart attack though. So anyway..

I decided to switch the position of the condo and the tree to mix it up a bit. So the two story condo was next to the entertainment center and Merlynn jumped on top of it. She then started eyeing the entertainment center and I thought, "Nah, she'll never try. She won't make it." Just then she took a flying leap toward the entertainment center and almost made it. She grabbed onto the corner and held on for dear life until she just couldn't anymore and jumped down. What a wacky little cat...and yes, I think they're monkeys sometimes too.

She is also the one who likes to do the matrix jump on the wall when she turns corners.

Funny little crazies!
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LOL that is too funny. Cats have some kind of obsession with entertainment centers. I learned that the hard way when one day i tried pulling my fat cat off the top of the center (he was eating my flowers)... well I had a scarf ontop of the center that covered some scratches, and when I went to pull fatty off the top he grabbed the scarf and all my vases fell to the ground and shattered everywhere (flowers and all)... It was a heaping mess... Luckily he got no glass in the paws and no one was hurt. I now have a very low entertainment center and there is no room to roam (the tv takes up the whole thing). Darn those kitties. Your story is cute tho, would have made a great picture
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Diesel is constantly scaling the walls

He gets the crazies look, and then off he goes round the house, bouncing off every wall and door until he wears himself out
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I almost have my boy turning on lights he jumps so high... another thing he likes to climb are my clothes in the closet... my door doesn't shut properly and if I don't do a perfect job of shutting it just right, he'll manage to open the door, even with a heavy chair blocking it, and climb my clothes to get to the top, he's ruined a couple shirts doing this...
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My new one took off down the stairs the other day and ended up running almost to the ceiling of an exposed brick wall. I think he might have been more surprised than I was.
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HAHA - one of these days I expect to find that Lily has discovered that the fireplace brick wall is about 16 feet high and I'll see her up by the ceiling instead of just the 5 foot height of her toy!

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Silly kitties. My kitten also likes to sneak in my closet and hang from my clothes, thats when it gets past the point of being cute.... my clothes getting torn off the hangers just swallowed in cat fur... Ahh the things my kitties get away with.
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