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How bad for a cat is eating tissues????

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Stumpy is an idiot cat. She's obsessed with used tissues. She ignores the clean ones in the box, but once I've blown my nose she's desperate to get the tissue, and I have allergies at the moment that are playing up. I know now to keep them away from her, but she still manages to steal the odd one - she actually comes running when I start blowing my nose, and watches where I put them, and will dart over to try to grab one if I'm not looking.

And if she gets one, she takes it under the bed and chews on it

She's such a disgusting cat.

Anyway, so I just heard her throwing up, which she rarely does, and it was mostly cat food but I freaked out because there was this soft white stuff in the vomit. After closer inspection I realised it was a chewed up tissue :wifey:

I didn't think she was actually EATING them!!!!! So she does occasionally get to steal them, and she does actually eat them it seems. Does anyone know if a chewed up tissue can be digested by a cat??? Will it get stuck anywhere and cause problems?
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Molly eats toilet paper. She prefers to be hand fed. The vet just called it a bad habit and said it doesn't harm them.
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When Levi was a kitten he had a tissue obession. He grew out of it. The only problem was that he would get a little constipated for a day or so. It would always resolve, but I'm sure it's probably not good for them. I'm thankful he out grew it. Now if only I could Jordan to stop eating q-tips.
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as long as you aren't on any medicine i think it'll be fine. katie LOVES clean tissues and lucy loves paper towels(either state lol) and over teh years cardboard boxes have been popular...sigh
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Every time I go on vacation I joke about putting out two rolls of toilet paper and a big bowl of water and they will be fine.

I dont think it can hurt them. I buy the kind with aloe on it now, now I dont find half eaten tissues hanging out of the box or toilet paper streaming from the holder to the bedroom.
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Cotton, is still a kitten, and she loooooves face tissues and paper napkins. Whenever she sees one crumpled she takes it, wrestles with it and chews on it. She does love biting into cardboard too. 

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