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Skinny Kitty.

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Ok I just was wondering if you guys could help me a bit. I have a kitty about 4 months old now and she seems a little skinny to me. Her hip bones and ribs are more prominent than I am comfortable with. She has been to the vet many times and the vet says she is perfectly healthy but I am still worried. I am feeding her wet and dry mixed together, both kitten formulas. She never eats it all but seems to have quite an appetite. I keep trying to get her to eat more, Ive tried different flavors to see if she just didn't like it that much but I am giving her the one she eats the most of. I am feeding Science diet wet and Purina Kitten dry because this is all she will eat. She keeps getting bigger but staying skinny, is this just the way she is growing and will eventually fatten up? Is there any way I can fatten her up, make her eat more, or anything? Or am I just being a worrywart?
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I worry about Daphne, too. She's about 5 months old. After having well-built cats for so long, she always seems too thin to me.
I can feel her hipbones and spine. Been a long long long time since I felt those on Seb
Our vet says she is the picture of health though and she behaves normally. I free feed dry, she refuses to eat wet yet. She is just all legs - long and lean. I just figure she must have some Oriental breed influence somewhere in her bloodlines. Or, maybe this is the awkward teen stage and she'll come into her full figure later
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Cats are generally too fat, which is why your kitty seems skinny. If the vet has assured you she's a good weight, then there's no need to worry.

Cats are MEANT to be lean! Our Stumpy is the smallest of our girls, and is quite lean, and I can feel her hip bones, but she eats well, and the vet says she's exactly how a cat SHOULD look.
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As she's only 4 months old she may just be going through a skinny phase! Mosi tended to grow upwards so that he was tall and skinny, then he'd fill out a bit etc. At 4 months he was pretty skinny. If the vet says she's healthy and she's eating well I wouldn't worry too much. Or it may just be her natural build. Jaffa is a skinny cat - it's normal for him and he's healthy. Sarahp is right too - so many cats are overweight that it can skew our perception of what is normal.
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