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I definitely take after my mom... and my two oldest sisters are twins and I look more like my sister Françine than her her twin does...
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Well I do get mostly everything from my moms mom, I got the blonde hair the petiteness, and well my attitude and of course my love for animals! But I often get told I look like her sister who I seen maybe once or twice, she lives in another state , but my gram tells me all the time how much I remind her of her
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Fun question. I look pretty much exactly like my mom. Her aunts often accidentally call me by my mom's name when I go out to visit. Only once have I been told I resemble my dad, but people tell me all the time I am a replica of my mom. In personality I'm also a lot like my mom (hard-headed, grudge-holding, steel-trap memory ) but I've got pieces of my dad in there too that balances it some. Besides, she really isn't that bad.
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I look more like my dad, same hair color and eyes. My personality is very much like my mom, although I do have some of dad's personality traits too.
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Looks i get from mum, hair colour, eyes etc (scept shes skinny and im not, but she lost alot of weight). Height and physical strength from dad. My esoteric interests come from grandpa, but i didn't learn till after he passed away where these interests came from. The stiff upper lip and cold heartedness to some people comes from mums side. But that's also where i get the emotional stuff from. My curly hair though either comes from grandma or nana as mum has wavy, dad has straight. The only two other people who have curly hair is my mums brother, and one of dads brothers. Also as far as i know i am only one of three left handed people in immediate family (including first cousins), my dads youngest brother and his son.
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