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Question of the day: 6-25-2007

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Who do you take after in your family? Do you take after your mom, dad, grandparents, brother/sister? Looks & personality wise.

For me... I'm TOLD that I look just like my dad (never met him ) But personality & some in my looks, I take after my Grandpa, we're the exact same with everything! I love it & I wouldn't want it any other way!

What about you?

Happy Monday!!
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Looks-wise I'm a combination of my Mom and Dad. Whenever I'm with one I'm told I look just like them! I have my Grandma's hair color though!

Personality wise, I'm A LOT like my Mom's Mom, who I get the hair color from. That can be both a good thing and a bad thing being like my Grandma, but I wouldn't trade that for anything. She and I are close and she is just very special to me. The part of my personality that isn't like her is like my Grandpa, on the same side. I get my technical mind from both my Grandpa's. My creative mind comes from my Grandma C. My temper comes from both the Grandma's!
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My dad. My sisters doing our family tree and we met up with a couple of second cousins who she found, and even they said that not only did i look like my dad and his family members, but i also had mannerisms like them as well
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I take after my Dad for looks and personality
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I think I take after my Dad though someone just found a pic of Mom back in her 40s and it looks like me! My hair is graying early like Dad's side of the family, but I hope I get the longevity from Mom's side.
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Looks wise I take after both mom and dad. As far as personality when I was younger, I let everything annoy me like my mom. Now that I'm older I am more laid back like dad!
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Looks wise I have my mother's coloring, but my dad's features. Personally wise I guess I have a bit of both of them in me.
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I think I look more like my mom. But some people say I look more like my dad so I guess its pretty even. Neither can deny I am their child! As for mannerisms I think I am more like my mom. We have the same sense of humor and most of the same interests and such.
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I look like my Da when he was younger whilst have most of the same mannerisms and personality. Weird though it might seem my half-brother and I do not look alike but if you spend time with us our mannerisms are just like our Da and it is clear that we are related
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I look like my mom, but have both mom and dad's personalities.
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It's weird. Look-wise, I've taken after both parents at various stages of my life. There's a photograph of my paternal great-grandmother, taken when she was a very young girl (around four years of age) that could be me at the same age -- we had the same face, the same dark curls, even the same eyes. But now that I'm older, I very clearly resemble my mother, and my younger sister looks very much like me (so much so that a few years ago I was using her student ID card to get free transit and when the bus drivers would look at her picture -- even looking at it closely -- they concluded the picture was of me). I still sort of resemble my father, but the resemblance between me and my mother is much more pronounced.

As for personality, I honestly don't take after any of my family members. My sense of humour is very different (darker and more sarcastic), and I'm just a very different person than they are. I guess, if anyone, I take after my mother the most, but not very much.
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HAPPY MONDAY!!! I take after my dads side (looks wise) and personailty~I think both, my parents.
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I look like my sister (we are twins haha!) I try not to act much like my mom-it would drive Neil nuts if I did. I think I have the lack of gray hair from my dad-he and mom have about the same size feel but I have smaller feet (hopefully like dad again).
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My dad for both looks and personality.
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Well interesting enough I have been told that I look like my mom by many of people but...I am adoted so genetically thats not possible.
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I look like one of my Aunts on my moms side. I act lke a mix between my mom and dad.
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My face is from my mom. I think my body shape is from one of her sisters. I don't know enough about my father's side to say. All I know is that the red hair comes from his father and brother. I don't want my personality to be like either parent I hope I have my own.
The oldest of my brothers looks just like me. If I were a man, we would be twins.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Who do you take after in your family? Do you take after your mom, dad, grandparents, brother/sister? Looks & personality wise.

For me... I'm TOLD that I look just like my dad (never met him ) But personality & some in my looks, I take after my Grandpa, we're the exact same with everything! I love it & I wouldn't want it any other way!

What about you?

Happy Monday!!
I also never met my dad. I do have some pictures of him and DW tells me I look just like him. We also both served in the USN, so I would pick my father.
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I got everything from my Mother, the only thing I got from Daddy was his bad back.
Thanks, Daddy
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Looks: I am always being told that I look just like my mom. I have Dad's dark hair and eyes (Mom has blond hair and green eyes), but Mom's facial features. I'm, also, taller than Mom and don't have her pale complexion.

Personality: I'm more like my Dad. He's laid back, easy to get along with, not judgemental, and a caring person who always puts everyone first. Mom tends to be an extreme materialistic and judges people on looks, clothes, etc. I'm not like that at all. I did get my love of animals from her, though. I'm like my late grandmother (passed away New Year's weekend..12/29/06) in that she was stubborn and very strong-willed. She was, also, opionated and not afraid to stand up for what she believed in. I'm like that, but I do consider myself open-minded and will always take in to consideration other's opinions.
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I look like my mom, or at-least pretty much everybody says no, though neither of us can see the resemblance. But I think I am alot like my Daddy; which is wonderful, because he is respected by everybody who knows him. He has an incredible work ethic, excells at everything he does, he's witty, and incredibly smart and creative, and he's great with his hands. He never lies, cheats, or decieves and is honest to a fault. But I think I'm stubborn like he is, we're both similar to a Pitbull, take a bite and don't back off, we persevere, I'm good at convincing people of things, and I don't care about what people think. I'm proud to look inside myself and see my Daddy.
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My two sisters and I look like a combination of both parents. We've been told all our lives we look exactly alike but of course, we don't see it.
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The family says I look like my Mother but I see both. I have my father's nose thankfully.

Personality & work ethics I take after my mother. Scariest thing happened yesterday. DH & I picked up cat food. Now I just started a few months ago, piling the food in two stacks & alternating between fish and not fish flavors.
I found out my Mother does the same thing. I was so freaked out.

I do take after my father with finances. I hate spending it and love saving. I search and search for the cheapest option. Mom just spends like no tomorrow.

My father is more OCD with house organization than my Mother. I take after him with the organization but give up like my mom does.
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Hmmm, they say I look like my sister...but I don't think I act like anyone in my family. They are a bunch of freaks...and not the good kind
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The older I get, the more I remind everyone of my mom's mother -- I have her round face, high cheekbones, skinny ankles, plump middle, wacky sense of humor, love of music, and fascination with meteorology. Sometimes my mom actually gets a little emotional when I seem to "channel" Grandma for a moment.

But I also got my mom's long legs, which came from her dad's side (thanks, Grandpa!). From my father, I am blessed with a love of reading and learning, and an ability to write... and somewhat less blessed with his supersensitive skin, diabetes, and heart trouble.

From both my parents, I got a very strong sense of right and wrong, a hatred of injustice, and a soft spot for the underdog. They also gave me some artistic ability, and their voices -- I sound just like Mom, especially, both speaking and singing.

And my father gave me rhythm!
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As far as looks go- i look more like my dad and my sister debbie. (i get my height from my mom though). Personality- i don't really take after eithor of them- i'm more like my sister Kimmy. (i think that's why we get along soo well).
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I only have one thing in common with my parents... dark brown eyes. I guess from my mom I have also inherited the internal "unwanted cat magnet" and the uncanny ability to have great patience when I find cat poo in the weirdest places of my house.
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I act like my dad and my hair was the same color.

From my mom, I have curly plus early greying hair.
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I look like both my mom and dad....my nose is a combination of theirs, and so are my lips. Personality wise I guess my mom, I have her temper and her sarcasm. We even spend our days at home in our pajamas LOL never changing into real clothes unless we have to go somewhere.
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I am a good combination of a lot of family members. The majority of people tell me I could be my mom's identical twin (just younger hehe) and that I have my father's build. I have a good combination of their personalities too.
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