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tape worms & drontal

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I have two male cats I treated several times for tape worms..the last time was a month ago.. I just noticed they have caught tape worms again. I use advantage every month and there isn't any fleas in the house. I wonder can they catch it from flys etc too?

I've only been giving them one drontal pill each and they do both weigh 15 pounds...should I have been giving them two or would one do it? Is it safe to get them more drontal today since I just dewormed them a month ago?

any tips on how to keep them from catching tapeworms? I'm going to clean the litter box real good today and sweep real good and wash things were they lay etc. Any other good tips?

I appreciate it. I just hate that they keep recatchng this ..I need to beat it once and for all.

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hmm I would call your vet and ask his the dosage. Where did you get the Drontal from? It had to have been from a vet, because most people don't just order a bottle for themselves, it is like $150 for 50 pills. So can you just ask the vet you got it from?
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yes I got it from the vet. I can ask today when I go in...
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the other problem could be the flea meds. If you use them every single month and you only buy Advantage, I think it is recommended to switch every now and then so the cat doesn't get immune to it.
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Thanks Jen for the help.

I washed everything today and vaccumed everywhere..and gave them some drontal from the vet. My heavier cat the vet gave me a bigger dosage for.

Then I noticed some flea dirt on both cats and one flea on Megabyte so I went ahead and gave them their monthly advantage. Obviously I am giong to have to switch brands...I didn't know they could become immuned to it.
ugh...It just seems like a never ending battle.

I know there can't be more then one or two fleas but that is enough to cause problems.

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