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I just signed up for my very first 5k!

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So Sunday my mom's friend convinced me to swim for her in a sprint triathalon. Its was 1/4 mile but it was really hard. So My goal for next year is to do the whole sprint alone. So to train for that I just signed up for my first 5k race! Its in September but I can't run. So I start training tomorrow (I have to work tonight so I can't start today) I am so excited!!
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Good on you!!!!! Triathlons are GREAT fun!!!! My first triathlon was 3km run and I struggled the entire time and had to walk most of the run Within a year I'd built up to an Olympic distance triathlon - 1500m swim, 40k ride, 10k run, and was slow, but was able to "run" (jog) the entire 10k.

Get yourself a good training plan - it's easier to stick to if you have written down what you have to do that day and when you're going to do it.

If you need a hand with a training plan, just let me know
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Thanks! I am using the couch to 5k plan. I can't train everyday so I need something with baby steps!! I am so excited!! The swim for the tri was a lor harder than I thought. And they had the teams with the kids group so it made it that much harder. the kids were zig zagging their way through the lake! But they were cute!!
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5K!!! Wow, you must be really fit. I can't run 2K let alone 5! Good Luck!
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You go! I've never been a runner, but DH loves to run so I get to hear all about races from his bygone days and what not all the time. I'd love for him to run in the Boilermaker, which is held in my hometown in NY. DH makes it sound like a lot of fun, but I'm not buying it for me!
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Originally Posted by Princess-Pickle View Post
5K!!! Wow, you must be really fit. I can't run 2K let alone 5! Good Luck!
Ha Barely! I ride my bike a lot but that is much easier than running! The couch to 5k is a really easy plan to get you giong. I just want to be able to complete the 5k. Here is the plan:
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How exciting! The hubby and I are also doing the Couch to 5k plan. We will be starting week 3 tuesday, but did week 1's workouts twice. We actually did really well last year, but about December both of us stopped for some reason. We don't want to do that again, restarting the program is tough!

I was just looking through one of our local magazines last night and had no idea there were so many 5k races. We are hoping to run in the Bix next year. I think the Bix is a 10k.
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Yikes! Your a tad more motivated than I am Brandi! But thats awesome- I could never survive a 5K!
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There are quite a few. And quite a few triathalons. I never realized it until I starting riding my bike.
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Wow Brandi, I am very proud of you

I cannot run to save my life..I always get a sidestitch that won't go away. I hate the pain of the cramp so I am not able to power through

I am sure you will do awesome!!
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I used to run 5k's in high school. My mom even did a midnight 5k run with me at the mall once. It was fun! I wouldn't be able to do that now because I'm really out of shape.
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That is fabulous! Good luck with the training!!!!
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