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How Do you let go?

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I am fostering 3 kittens..and pretty soon they will be ready to go back. I fell in love with them. They each developed there own personality and I am so afraid for there future. There are so many abandoned cats, once they lose there kitten cuteness. I wish i could keep all of them, but I already have 6,
I kept 2 from a litter of six that were abandoned. I wish I had a huge Mansion
and was wealthy, I would have cats/kittens everywhere. I just love them!
I am not sure if I can foster again, I get to attached. When I give these babies back I am going to be devastated. The one little boy is so loveable, he gives kisses and loves to be kissed under his chin. The other boy was so sick and is the runt. He is just starting to purr, he loves to be held like a baby and cuddled. The little girl , she had the cutest little round face, she hates to be alone. If the other two are playing, she cries, as if they a leaving her out. She also gives kisses and loves her tummy rubbed. See! How am I going to give them back?
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How do you let go? With great sadness AND joy in your heart. Sadness because they will never be with you but joy because they are going to their forever homes. It's hard.
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its very hard to let go , which is why i now have 15 cats.
but just keep remembering you was these little ones angel, your the one who gave them the best start in life ready for them to start freash and happy in their forever home. and the joys of being able to foster and help more. i can no longer foster for the rescue as we decided to keep fluffys kittens. so we are kinda at out limit and no room to foster. so im really gutted, but i fell for these little ones like iv never before. yes iv loved each and every foster iv had here, but i got to attached this time.
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