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What was one of your best Holiday Rememberances?

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I was in 7th Grade and the Honor Choir I sang with decided to hire a float and go down the streets singing Christmas Carols on this float. We decorated it like a big old hay wagon and we all dressed really warm and sang our hearts out. We stopped in parking lots and sang to the shoppers, and many people laid gifts and money at our feet which we later donated to a charity. It was a wonderful time and afterward our teacher took us to Denny's Restaurant and as we were unthawing, we were asked to sing there. We sang Oh Holy Night, got a standing ovation and free food. It was a time of magic and sharing.
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Just a silly present memory...my family has always been really big on big surprise presents. My parents also collect original paintings by Native Americans (love the culture and heritage!), especially the artist Donald Vann. One year at the gallery we frequented, Donald had sent in quite a few originals for the holiday season. Mom fell in love with one and Dad fell in love with another. They hemmed and hawed about it at the gallery and ended up leaving empty handed. I was privy to the big secret from both of them...they had each made arrangements with the owners of the gallery (friends of ours) to buy the painting for the other, only neither of them had a clue that the other one had done it. The big funny was the next time we went there, Dad made a big deal about the painting Mom loved being gone and how he was going to buy it for her for Christmas, but it was too late now. She was heartbroken. Of course, she just let him notice on his own that "his" painting was gone as well. Let's just say Christmas that year was a lot of fun, seeing the big surprise on their faces and the "Why you little!!! I can't believe you did that!!"
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I remember singing with my school chior for the Leiutent Governor of Ontario for a Christmas dinner he was attending and he made sure to stop (while he was being bag piped in) and speak with each of us individually. He didn't care that it screwed up the schedule!

My fav home memory is the Christmas John proposed to me. We had just had Christmas dinner at his parents place and he had taken me home (my parents were at my grandparents for dinner). The lights were off, except for the Christmas tree light and he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him! I wasn't expecting it quite yet, so the 1st words out of my mouth were "oh no!", then "of course I will!" We went to tell his parents and they were thrilled. We went to tell my family at my grandmothers and I remember everyone being really happy, except my mom - she sat down with a thump and a stunned look on her face - OH NO - her baby was marrying a heathen (strong Catholic background - hubby is not baptised). I actually laughed at her reaction and just let it slight - nothing was going to bother me that day!
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BTW heidi - what a sweet story!
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Two weeks before Christmas, my cat Sam had disappeared. I searched everywhere I could. Christmas Eve I made a wish that Sam would be home for christmas. The next day we opened our presents. I had my ex fiance with me. He was looking out the window in the kitchen and he said "Who's cat is that? Is that Sam?" I opened the door to the deck and Sam jumped into the house. I cried and cried! I was so happy to have him back! My christmas wish came true!
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aren't of one specific Christmas. I hold dear all the Christmasses we spent at my Grandmothers home. The memories are a bit blurey with the tree lit up and glittering tinsel, all the packages under the tree and me feeling so proud that I can read "my own name" on some of the packages. I will always remember the smell of fruitcake baking and the turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Everyone in the family gathered from all over on this one special day of the year.

The best part is I never had to buy, wrap, decorate, cook, wash-up, or put away a single thing! lol
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