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sick weaning kitten?

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I've got two 4 week old kittens I took from a feral mom. I started them on solid food last night. One did great. The other is acting really strange. His belly feels all bloated and he is dragging his back legs as if they are paralyzed. I fed him once yesterday evening and once about 2 this morning, not knowing I had to wipe his behind. I just now wiped his behind (4:30 a.m.) but he has not pooped that I can see. Has anyone seen this wierd behavior before? thx
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Don't wait please get him to a VET !!!

Kittens have very weak immune systems, and even the lightest case of fleas or illness can kill them very quickly, so it is best to have them see a vet and get any medical attention that they need as soon as possible.
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Whenever you feed a kitten (every 3-4 hours with KMR or some other cat milk supplement) you need to stimulate them to go to the bathroom. Take a soft cloth and gently massage the area around their anal area. You need to keep doing it until you get either urine, feces or both. If you have ever noticed that when kittens are finished nursing, their moms will lick that area to get them to go.

I would have him checked by a vet just to make sure there is no other undlying problem. Good luck and keep us posted.
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You may want to have a look here as well:
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