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Chloe helping to make the bed

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She's checking it for comfort for you.
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Awwww Chloe aren't you clever! Are you straighening out the sheets for your mum sweetie
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Aww, I hope it met the bed inspector's requirements. That first picture is really great

She looks like she's waving "hi"
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Nothing like stretching out on fresh sheets. Eh, Chloe?
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The first one is so cute. My Pepper likes to lay like that and I just can't keep my hands of the kitty belly when she does.
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Oh how sweet
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She's definitely enjoying herself.
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She was just helping smooth out the sheets, Mum.
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Ahh that is so cute, it reminds me of my pair when I am trying to make the bed.
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They let you make the bed?
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aww Chloe- what a darling you are - give her some tummy tickles from us

think she has given it the seal of approval
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OMG those are really sweet sweet pics of Chloe

And what a sweet helper, mine are all under the sheet when they help ........
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It was so nice of her to help! She was just making sure there aren't any bugs in there! hehehe
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She likes the feel of nice clean linens to I can see
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aww.. too cute!
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SHe has such a wonderful expression! I love it when they help, I had Dushka on my lap all day yesterday, 'helping' me hem curtains. She kept going for the thread.
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