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Bye bye Tony

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After this Tuesday Tony Blair (or Bliar as he is known by many in UK) will no longer be our Prime Minister. Here's what I'll miss about dear Tone...

The long pause between every two or three words - was that for effect, or just that he's very slow at reading off his autocue?

er...that's it.

I hope Gordon Brown does a better job, it's past time we had a change, and I'm glad Harriet Harman got the deputy's job, she is a trouble maker and we need more people with opinions in front-line politics.
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To be honest, I can't see Brown doing a better job and I can see the party splitting even further under him with his promise to cut union influence on the party. One thing Blair was fairly good at in the beginning was keeping the left happy (and we all know the left wing of the party can do plenty of damage to the party as whole).

I also think by choosing Harman as the deputy, the party sent a clear message that they want something different than the Blairites offer, and I am not sure how well Brown will deliver on that, especially considering that no one knows what he will actually do in power, he has no clear objectives apart from the latest announcement to cut union power.
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Tsk- I actually voted in the Labour deputy leader election and I'm disappointed at the lack of real 'troublemakers' on the ballot

I'm not celebrating Tony going as Gordon may be worse- we are looking at a summer of discontent as it is and I feel he is spoiling for a fight with the unions. Postal strike on friday, nurses considering balloting, PCS already out on strike and they are considering a one day strike in my workplace as I speak.

Whilst I hated Tony over his decisions on Iraq and Trident I won't be celebrating him leaving as I feel nothing has changed. The only thing worse than Gordon seems to be Cameron and this leads me to consider how closely British politics follows American politics these days- very little choice on the ballot paper
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There is still much confusion over what kind of leader he will be and although his past is well known, how much of that ideology he will bring to the party is unknown
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It freaks me out!
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I never voted Labour in for a start, but i thought Tony Blair did an ok job, but not sure how Brown will be
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I really think if Tony had not been such a supporter of Bush and his war, we would have never gone. He gave Bush the credibility he needed, since he can't form a complete sentence by himself. I was convinced after listening to Tony. For that reason only, I despise Tony Blair.
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