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guys what do you usually do when theres nothing to do..? how to overcome boredom? i have a friend who is never bored, she says that theres no such a thing as boredom and she is never bored.. is it possible at all?

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My dad has the theory that intelligent people are never bored. But then again, he is an *rseh*le and belittles everyone
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I agree with Dragoriana's Da

Boredom is a modern luxury that people in the 40's didn't have time to contemplate- our boredom is due to timesaving advances that give us leisure time

When I'm bored I play with the cats, watch some TV and post on the catsite- sometimes all at the same time
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I can honestly say i'm never bored, and i can always find something to do be it at home, work or on the site here.

My partner gets bored easily and he can never understand why i watch so much t.v. at home. Easy!!
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I'm another one that doesn't get bored, I can always find something to do
I don't know how I ever found time to go to work.
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well when i have a lot of time and stay home, i get very sleepy and lose ability to do anything just lay on my bed, with Givi on my stomach, reading some books or watching tv. but i must admit that since ive got my big-eared monster im not getting bored that often
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When I was a child and spent the school holidays moaning I was bored my mum would say "I'm bored means I'm boring"

I'm never really bored either - there's always so much to do and so little time in which to do it! I know it sounds boring but if I have nothing to do I pick up a book, get on the computer or watch tv/a film. I do sometimes get into that state of mind when I'm too tired to concentrate on anything so wander around looking for something undemanding to do - I usually end up finding something on tv that's banal enough to keep me happy but doesn't demand any brain cells.
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Summertime its hard to be bored for me...I will just go outside and wash my car or go for a walk..inside I watch tv, play online or clean...or take a nap
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I don't usually get bored when I am at home because I always have something to keep me occupied. I do however sometimes get bored at work especially when I am waiting on other people which I do a lot. In these instances I amuse myself by doodling or reading.
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If i get bored, i will go for a walk with the dog, or go outside and wash my car, or do a load of laundry, or clean ( which any woman know is NEVER ENDING!!!)
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No such thing as boredom for me, either! If I actually run out of things I have to do, I have a thousand things I'd like to do -- books to read, primarily.

And if those don't appeal to me, I get online and start investigating something that interests me. For example, I got curious the other day about tea -- what does the plant look like, how are the leaves processed, etc. In less than an hour, I discovered so much -- that all true tea comes from the same plant (which is a camellia!), and the differences lie in the picking, processing, and added flavorings (like bergamot oil for Earl Grey)... I saw pictures of the "table" effect that comes from plucking the tea leaves at a very precise level all across... I found out that they once used trained monkeys to pluck tea from bushes growing on hillsides too steep for humans... read about the Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies... learned that there was an even more direct causal connection than I realized between the Boston Tea Party and the American Revolution... and found a very nice starter kit for brewing loose tea that I would have ordered if I weren't so broke.

The internet gives us access to so much! If nothing comes to mind, just type a few random words into Google and see what appears... you can always find something intriguing.
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When I'm bored I try and keep my self busy by:
  • Playing with the kittys
    Doing housework (If I can be botherd lol)
    Going on the Cat Site
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I think that the last time I was bored, really and truly bored was back in my early teens.

I don't have TIME to be bored nowadays! Always too much to do and never enough time to get it done in!
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I don't get bored often either. There is just so much to do.
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I get bored at work............. so I go onto TCS!

If I'm bored at home, well, I don't get bored at home. I only have so many hours before bedtime to do whatever I want to do.

I remember when I was still in High School, I also was soooo bored. I wish it was like that still!
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