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We're expecting kittens!

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We took in a stray female cat mid-april, we were feeding her. Then took her into the vet when she had a good weight on her and was trusting, and made an appointment to get her spayed. Too late. She got pregnant we're GUESSING around May 8th, making her due July 11th(approx.). I'm 14 years old, and I WILL admit I am pretty excited since I haven't seen a cat give birth since I was 4 and my grandma took in a pregnant stray! We'll be looking after the kittens and their home will be ours. Got to be responsible. I searched around online for hours to find when she most likely got pregnant and her due date, I determined it by her recent behavior; Extremely loving, I can feel like kittens well(and they move/kick a lot), she's eating a lot more but in smaller meals all the time, and she's been searching for hidden/quiet/comfy places since about 4 days ago. She's getting milk in her back breasts, nipples are pink. Her abdomen is growing too, but she's not SO big that you look at her and go 'WHOA, that cat is definitely pregnant!"

I mainly joined here look around and get extra information about how to build a nest for her,extra things she needs right now,things the kittens will need, telling the gender of the kittens,etc.

I am going to go look around, and if there is anything I don't find I'll come back and ask some questions, if you all don't mind! Hope everybody is having a great day. I'll also of course keep you update along her pregnancy.
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Welcome to TCS! I will add your kitty to our "kitten watch" thread here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...122520&page=13
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Oh okay! Awesome, thanks!!
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It sounds like her pregnancy is farther along than you think. Its kinda early for the milk to be coming in. I would expect babies soon. (probably not today or anything like that soon though)
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really?? Ah!

Well her belly is growing every day, for sure. The milk has been there for about, 2 weeks. Maybe even longer. It is ONLY in her back ones, and the fronts. Hmm,...I'll definitely keep an even closer eye on her! She hasn't been acting any different, yet. lol
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