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Wednesday DT

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Well, the ice storm hit much earlier than expected. We had to nix heading in to NYC today, which is a real bummer because we were supposed to be closing down negotiations for a new job. Now we have to wait until Friday, and we so need to move firms!!!

The icecicles forming on our awnings are quite beautiful though. I guess we don't need to worry about Xmas decorations outside, nature seems to be taking care of it for us this year.

Ady and Myste, I really hope you're feeling better. We've had our bouts with being sick this fall/Winter, but we've managed to avoid anything really nasty.

Jin - how's that hand?

Everyone in Winter Storms - please be safe! All of those in warm weather - go jump in a lake!
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Well, I am doing better today - enought so that I came to work. Now I wish I were home - I am so dizzy and I have to work a 12 hour day today! Oh well - If I really have to I will go home, but if I stay I get a ride home - if I go then I have to take a bus which may take up to 1.5 hours to get home!

I really need to get cracking on the Christmas shopping, but I haven't had the energy!

I hope everyone else is doing well!
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It is pouring rain here! Finally! I love this wild stormy weather. The horses are on alert, so I put them out in the back pasture- less trees to get hit with. That last windstorm we had in Feb of this year weakened most of our trees and so we have branches down everywhere. I already know confining them in their stalls is a no-win proposition because it spooks them and they would rather run free.

Going to be an easy day today. Just housecleaning and doing some work on the computer. I am working on my book so think good thoughts as I bang away on the keyboard...

Laurie, you stay warm! Thanks for providing for all those ferals who would be so out of luck were it not for you and Gary.

Ady- you try and get some rest and feel better soon. Everyone else stay safe and warm today. And have a great day!
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Well, It's been ages since I have posted. Life has been busy

I have been promoted at work, including a pay increase. I am over our inventory and shipping department. Since I am trained as the receptionist, I will be the receptionst relief (i.e. bathroom breaks, lunch, or out sick) but that's fine with me. So Bod, I hand the reigns over to you for receptionist venting I am very excited and this is a great opportunity for me.

Before my promotion I was given a big project to work on which kept me from being "present" here at TCS. Since I am in training for my new position, that still seems to be the case. Right now I am relieving the receptionist, so I decided to post on the DT; wouln't want anyone thinking I have vanished

When there are free moments, I have been glancing at the threads to try and keep up with what's going on. I have been sending good thoughts to you all and extra good thoughts for those who post they need them.

I do not know how long it will be until I can post regularly again, but it shouldn't be much longer. So, until then, I want to wish you all a Happy and Healthy Holiday. Take care of yourselves; especially you Ady and everyone else who has the yuckers - healing thoughts coming your way.
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Cold Cold Cold

Ronnie and Alf have both been very brave and popped outside for 5 minutes tonight. A quick sniff around the garden, a quick wee in those important places, then back inside to find a warm lap or radiator.

I've been quite busy at work this week, which makes things more interesting. Spent most of the afternoon breaking and swearing at the new photocopier in the office - grrrr!

Someone please tell me how lovely and warm it is where you are (come on you Australians or southern Americans) - make me jealous.
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Sabra, we've missed you here! But most importantly, Congrats!!! What great holiday news!

Ady - that 1.5 hour trip home might just be easier than staying at work. Do we have to remind you Canadians to take care of yourselves - AGAIN?
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Sorry - forgot to say hello Sabra. Nice to see you again.
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Hi Sabra and congrots on what sounds like a great opportunity!

I am feeling better now - I went out to get some air at lunch and I bought a t-shirt since our office is broiling. I will be able to make it to the end of the day.
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Ady, I'm glad you're feeling a little better! Working when you're sick is tough, and working a 12 hour shift when you're sick is even worse!

My hand is better today. Still swollen, but I *think* it will heal up just fine. Believe me, at the first sign of infection I'll get to a doctor and make up a story about a phantom dog if I have to! (Wasn't that Vikki's idea??)

Sabra, it's good to 'see' you! Congrats on the promotion.

Hissy, when you're done with that rain, send it my way!!! I could use some snow! Maybe THAT will get me into the whole Christmas spirit thing. Otherwise... well... I just don't know! I'm not quite at the "Bah-Humbug" stage, but gosh darn it, I'm close!
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Its in the high 60s and sunny, here.

Sabra - congrats, on the promotion.

Jin - soak that hand in hot water and epsom salts.

Pearl was doing her darnedest, to get Rowdy to play. Rowdy was on the windowsill, behind the couch and Pearl jumped on the couch, barked and jumped up and down. Rowdy's eyes got as big as dinner plates, her ears flattened out and she gave Pearl a few swats on the nose. Its taking Rowdy longer to come around with this dog. Maybe, she's a one-dog cat!
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