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Impending grocery store strike in SoCal

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Well the vote is happening today. For those of you who did not or do not live in the area between LA and San Diego, you wont be affected but those of us who do we are in for a problem. It hapened 3 years ago and lasted 114 days. People lost homes and savings. I feel for the workers, they got a raw deal in the last contract and I think they need to strike but this will also be a major inconvienence for me. I hate to sound selfish but Trader Joes is not union so we will not strike but our buisness will most likely triple if not quadruple. Or manager has already posted in the breakroom that we need to be prepaired for 10 hour days, six days a week. I basicly will have no time for anything, not even TCS. She told us that we will have 24 hour shift scheduals, meaning that people will be working a the store around the clock. We will get delivers every three hours around the clock as well. Now my store is already the busiest store in Southern California. Most days you can not even walk throught the front do because it is so packed. If the strike happens we will have lines out the door. I am not looking forward to it. Well let me refrase that, on one hand I am looking forward to 20-30 hours a week in overtime(time and a half pay) but on the other hand I would really like to have a life. You know get a chance to go to the beach or spend time with my DH, post here you know relax.

I really hope for everyone they do not strike, I will support them if they do but I really don't want it. I will post what happens and let you all know if I will not be on for a while. We will know the results of the vote on Moday. From what I am hearing from the employees at Ralohs next door to us, the strike will happen and start Tuesday.

Please send out vibes that by then it gets resolved and no one has to suffer.

Here is an article about the last strike and what we are looking at this time around.
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Oh that really stinks! I hope they can work something out quickly for their employees. DH gets a lot of overtime around Christmas and that's nice for presents, but not nice because he has to miss a bunch of the holiday events and what not--not to mention the only time I see him is basically when he's asleep! Sometimes money just isn't worth it anymore!
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