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Please Help!! Constant Runny Nose

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My cat has a constant runny nose. And sneezes alot. He gets little cat boogers everywhere. Does anyone have any idea what i can do to help him?
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Sounds like he has an URI. You should take him into the vet. They'll be able to give him antibiotics or make sure it isn't something more serious.
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Originally Posted by Roxie225 View Post
Sounds like he has an URI. You should take him into the vet. They'll be able to give him antibiotics or make sure it isn't something more serious.
I would at least call the vet and ask, is it something new or has it always been like that?
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I had two cats develop this problem. I took them to the vet. He thought it could be allergies and instructed me to give my cat an otc allergy medication. That alleviated symptoms, so we assumed he had developed allergies. Earlier this year the two cats were really bad so I took them in and they were prescribed antibiotics. It helped a little, because they had colds, but not much. Your vet should be able to determine if your cat is sick or not. If not, it's probably allergies. At least the medicine he recommended is very inexpensive.
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Hi, the problem you had with your cat is exactly what I am experiencing now. I have had my new shelter cat with me for one month and we have had him on two rounds of clavamox with now change except for that fact that it get's a little better, that's it. I would like to try the allergy medicine, can you tell me what brand and how much to give? How do you administer it to your cat?

Thanks in advance for your response.
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You need to visit the vet
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Sorry about the late reply. I've been upgrading and troubleshooting my main pc. I am extremely uncomfortable giving out the name of the medication and will not do so. This is why. My cats were examined and had had blood work done recently to rule out illness. Many if not most otc medications can be toxic if not fatal to cats. I was recommended this by my vet who stressed the importance of getting exactly only the medication he recommended. When I went to the store I even double checked with the pharmacist. Just call your vet and discuss this with them. If your vet is certain your cats are not suffering from an illness and thinks it's a possible allergy, they will tell you exactly what medication to try. I am not trying to be difficult.The thought that someone could come along, read this post, try a medication without consulting their vet, possibly get the wrong thing and have a kitty suffer or go on with an undiagnosed illness scares me.
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runny nose and sneezing can be a number of things, i took my cat to the vet for the same thing and was told it is cat flu which needs antibiotics, if its not treated they can get a number of secondry infections which will in the end kill the cat, so please please take your cat to the vet. he is the best possible person to tell you what is wrong.
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It sounds like the cat flu.
As everyone else has said though, take your cat(s) to a vet, you shouldn't even be thinking of self prescribing/medicating your cat(s).
In the long run it might cost $50 or so to take him to the vet and get a proper diagnosis, that is a much better idea than picking up the wrong meds from somewhere for $10 which may potentially have a fatal effect.

Please take your cat(s) to your vet!!!
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Kitty has been to the vet two times.. the vet telling me it was a upi and prescribed antibiotics. Did not work both times. He has no other symptoms and sometimes his nose is nice and clear with no snot! So I am thinking it's allergies. He hates going to the vet so much, it takes him a week to recover. He was a resuce cat that is now half blind and half deaf which I adopted a couple of months ago because he had been at the shelter for two years... I figured he deserved to have a home.

I used to be a vet assistant and do remember the vet I worked for prescribing human antihisimimes for this reason.

I understand you not wanting to give out the name.

I'll call my vet tomorrow and ask the dosage.

Take care,

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Since your kitty has such a bad reaction to going to the vet, you may try using Feliway. If your carrier is not usually left out, try leaving it out all the time. It helps a bit.
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I don't know if you have figured out how to help your cat with the constantly running nose, but I had a kitty just like that.  She contracted a URI when she was 10 days old and I had to go to heroic lengths to keep her alive.  She grew up to be a very happy cat but she too had constant either white, yellow, greenish-brown snot coming out of her nose (never clear) and the vets told me that it could last her whole life due to the fact that she had contracted the herpes virus at such a young age.  I tried various antibiotics, Llysine, even something they give people for herpes (all prescribed by my vet) but none of it worked well, if at all.  Then I got very lucky----I saw a cat osteopath who recommended something that completely took away the snot so long as I treated her every day: and that was bovine colostrum, otherwise known as the stuff a mother cow secrets just after she's had a calf, before the milk comes.  It's packed with things to boost the immune system.   The Dr. recommended using colostrum from New Zealand, as new Zealand cows are less stressed and graze in open fields.  If you go on Amazon you just type in New Zealand colostrum and several choices will come up.  It comes in a powder form, I mixed it up with water and put it in a syringe and tried to give her 40 cc's a day.  The more I could get down her, the better.  She sometimes liked the taste, and sometimes not but it was A LOT easier than trying to get any of the other options into her.  Most animals apparently love the taste.  It was so wonderful to be able to see her enjoying being a normal cat at last.  I kept her on this for 2 years, it worked the whole time, and then she ran away.... that part sucks.   Anyway, if you have tried everything else and aren't satisfied with the results you've gotten, I think this is the best stuff out there for this problem.  
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