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Freshly bathed dog crazies and a question

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I simply love the crazies that dogs get when they are freshly bathed, simply hilarious to watch.

I gave Bear his yearly bath today, perfect weather for it, he sulked during of course
He was so happy afterwards, spending about 45 minutes acting like a stupid pup.

My question though, has to do with dry skin.
Now, this isn't an all over thing, but just the inside upper edge of his ears.
He's a senior, but not an old guy and this dry skin is new (4 or 5 months).
It's white-ish and thick, kinda like human feet that spend too much time barefoot.
They are not hotspots and do not bother him in the least.

I've been cleaning his ears weekly and using baby lotion on the dry spots since I noticed them.
Anyone have any insight, or ideas for other things to try?
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Zoomies! I love it when the dogs get a case of the zoomies! It's like they're silly puppies again!
That sounds weird that the dry skin would be just on his ears!
Are you sure, or is there a chance that he has dry skin all over but since it is under the fur it may be harder to tell?
Any changes in diet or weather?
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No his skin under his fur is very easy to see (the pink constrasts nicely with his fur color), actually he gets a bit oily which is why he gets the bath, no fun to pet a dog and have your hands feel greasy afterwards.
Lovely lab coat and oils for ya.

His ears are like your Zircon's, which is why I found it odd that it's just the one spot on both ears and not the whole edge.
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I had a podiatrist tell me that the white spots on my feet were a fungus. I used the antifungunal cream she gave me and they were gone in a few days. Not that it is what Bear has. The end of the ear is not a common area for a fungus nor am I sure that's what it is.

We bathed our three today. So we had three large ones running through the house (no way am I letting wet Old English Sheepdogs outside). Zoey loves it when they do the Sheepie 500 every night - she has a spot picked out that's perfect to bop them on the nose as they run by. Go, Dog, Go!
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I can blacklight it tomorrow with my 'pee finder' and see if it's a fungus.
If it is, I can probably use the lamasil we keep on hand for ringworm and my toe fungus

He can't get to the area to ingest anything, but I'll call his vet tomorrow and see if it'll be safe enough (if it does turn out to be a fungus).

Though it does seem to be responding to lotion, I'm just afraid to use anything other than baby lotion on him.
Maybe I'll ask his vet if my intensive moisurtizer for my ucky feet can be used.

I don't imagine soggy sheepdogs are much fun indoors, but better inside than needing another bath
I miss my little dog, she'd get a bath and bounce off of the furniture and wallow all the couch, loveseat and chair cushions to the floor as she 'dried' herself
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Is he one of those dogs who sticks his hind paw in his ear when he is scatching it? Maybe he has something nasty under his nail or maybe if he is scratching his ear very hard it might be irritating it.
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my Piper had the same thing, and i solved it by giving hi biweekly shampoos in the summer with a coal tar shampoo. it has a anti-itch ingredient, and it also helps refresh skin and help it heal. its also gets all the dead skin and dandriff out.
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If your dog is itching them it might be ear mites, can get an ear drop for that and easily treated, but have to be persistent as like flees can be hard to be sure you got them all. I'm not sure what the early signs of ear mites are, as with ours we didnt notice till she made them red before we took her to vets.
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He's absolutely not itchy!
And while I appreciate the suggestions, I am not going to bathe a 95 pound dog twice a week for a problem that is in an area that should never have running water in it, I already clean his ears weekly.
I can't lift him and he can't (won't?) get into the tub on his own

He's on Frontline, which also controls pretty much all parasites.

As for scratching inside of his ears, I've never seen him scratch anywhere except at his collar on rare occasions.

Blacklite showed nothing, so I'm pretty sure it's not a fungus.

His vet says if it isn't bothering him and doesn't seem to be spreading, to just keep doing what I'm doing and keep an eye on it until his next scheduled visit in Dec.
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Just FYI-not all fungus shows up under a blacklight. Only like 30% does...I think. I just learned that the hard way with Damita.

Dry spots on ears, my Lab has one dry spot on the inside of one ear. The vet told me that her "weird thing" & that there isn't a whole lot to be done. If it is not bothering her, let it be.
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I think some dogs have dry skin when the weather changes. mine do, too. like white cat lover said, if it's not bothering her that much, just leave her be.

I gave Peekah a dog we have at the shelter a bath on Friday and she went nuts in her kennel afterwards. she was being silly it was so funny to watch!
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Our Esther has rather big ears as shes a German Shepherd but a tad smaller than normal GS but her ears are the normal size. So she sometimes has problems with hers.
When we first got her she had we thought was dry skin but she got to the point she started wimpering when she scratched them. At a clsoer look they were red and bleeding, after a vet trip discovered it was ear mites.
So I'd watch closely as if they start scratching alot could be ear mites. Simple ear drop if so.
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The only time I've had an ear problem, on a dog, was a small melanoma on a past Dalmatian. You might want to have the vet do a scraping and take a look under a microscope.
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Thanks, I probably will when he goes in for his annual.
I'm already going to have his two warts removed and checked.
I don't think his warts are anything other than skin tags, but better safe than have them grow into tumors.
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Sorry, Just noticed I've done two posts the same, woops. Forgot I'd already psoted, anyways glad to hear its nothing bothering the dog.
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