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Sad, and incredibly angry

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I just wanted to vent. Today we went to John's family reunion down in southern Kentucky. They have a flea market on the weekends in a huge building with lots of outdoor vendors too. While we were down there, we stopped at the flea market to kill time for awhile before the dinner. Everything was ok for awhile until we came to one vendor.... he had a baby goat in a small dog crate (the size they make for Cockers and such, three or four baby pot bellied pigs in a small dog crate, two kittens in a tiny cage who were obviously very sick and could barely move, a tiny Hartz trap stuffed full of guinea pigs, three cages stuffed full of rabbits, and two small dog cages filled with large breed puppies... about 5 black Labs in one crate and 7 or 8 Australian Shepherd mixes in the other crate. All of the puppies were sick looking and dirty. And to top it all off, all of the animals were being fed rabbit food, including the kittens and puppies. Then he had a shed set up right next to this mess, with about 30 cages filled with Poodles, Shih Tzus, Chihuahuas, etc... all barking and going crazy, dirty and smelly, eating rabbit pellets, and he was selling them all for $300+. I wanted so badly to rescue them all, but the kittens and puppies were obviously very sick and I just couldn't risk the health of my animals. And the worst part is, no one will do ANYTHING about shutting them down or taking care of the situation.
I had to walk away because I was getting very angry... I then proceeded to talk to John about it the entire way around the flea market, in a very loud voice. A few people gave me dirty looks and they didn't see anything wrong with the animals condition... I just said "I was an animal control officer, I have dealt with puppy/kitten mill situations before. After you hold hundreds of sick puppies and kittens in your arms while they die, then maybe you'll understand."
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I know how you feel I havent been in that exact situation but I feel really bad going into local petstores. They have bunnies, puppies, hamsters, gerbils all in the same glass container (with an open top, so people can hold them), in different sections out for display. It makes me so sad....they give the dogs medicine in their food so they wont bark or be hyper and so people will want to buy them, they look so sad and lonely. And all the dogs in the back in small, uncomfortable cages barking their heads just makes me want to cry. I feel so bad for them. Sighhh.........
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maybe a call to the local animal control will help, or the local ASPCA, or even law enforcement. Take lots of pics, then do a write up in the local paper, and who ever will listen. Someone will wake up and he will get shut down, dont every give up trying!!!
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Good lord, is there nothing that can be done? Surely Kentucky has an animal cruelty policy that's being violated here!
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I am sending emails to all of the rescue groups and shelters in that area hoping that someone can help. We're possibly going down there next weekend as well for a car show and I'll gladly meet any of the humane societies or rescue groups out there to show them which vendor it is and what's going on.

Oh, and one of John's cousins or something is a police officer for the city there... I'll see if I can find out if there's anything he can do to help out.
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I hate seeing places like this. There was a flea market in Maryland that I went to one time that was very much how you described this one. The kittens they had were very ill and obviously much younger than they were advertising. It was sad.
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That is very sad. and noone cares, huh? I wouldnt of been able to walk away~w/o saying something RUDE first......
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Thats just terrible, I hate people like that! And rabbit foodof all things!! Jeez
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*sigh* I can't say anything that everyone hasn't already said. I'm in complete agreement with you.

Please, please just don't buy any from them. And maybe slip the animals some good food if you can..
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Oh man, that is so sad. Why are some people such lousy human beings.
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please report these conditions to ac in that area. if the ac won't do anything about it take it a step further and report it to the aspca. i would have PERSONALLY sited them had they been in my area and taken custody of the animals if i found them in such cruel/neglegant conditions.
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Yes, I would report what you saw to the area Animal Control to check out. Obviously it was a mill of some sort - so sad - I'm not sure if I could have keep my mouth shut.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Yes, I would report what you saw to the area Animal Control to check out. Obviously it was a mill of some sort - so sad - I'm not sure if I could have keep my mouth shut.
But I imagine that saying something wouldn't have made a difference except for making her more upset at their lack of caring. It's not as though he would have said "oh, you're right I didn't realise this was inhumane, let me stop this horrible practise".
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That sort of thing would never happen here in Wales. I just can't stand the thought of little animals out there suffering. They only get 1 chance at life, it's not fair for it to be ruined by some people with no hearts!
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