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Urgent need for Vibes for Duke!

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Hi everyone, I havn't been online much but I need some vibes.

Here is the back story

Duke my 25 lb male orange and White cat is a socializer, he loves people and animals and has been getting along very well with Kyra (our new puppy). For the last few days he has been kind of listless and whenever Kyra goes over to see him he swats at her. (I thought he was just getting tired of nosey puppy)
Today I woke up, Duke had not slept with me at all that night. One of the animals had gotten sick outside my bedroom door (I thought it was Sibohan because she has a sensitive stomach) I later found out it had been Duke.
We had company in the morning, no signs of Duke the socializer. I was out in the afternoon grocery shoping for my grandma, came home still no Duke (he normally greets me at the door) I didn't have a chance to look for him my mom needed help in the backyard. So I came in from outside at about 4:00 pm normally Duke would be yeowling at me for food, still no Duke. I begin my search. I looked through every room, every closet, upstairs downstairs and finally find him in the sunpoarch. He was under the table, so I knock the spoon on his can of food, He couldn't care less. So I got down on the ground and waved a spoon of food in front of his nose, no reaction. Then I notice it... his gums are pale and he is drooling clear saliva from the mouth. So I pick him up and he yeowls at me one of those "don't touch me" yeowls. I imediately look him over. I started feeing for his kidneys because all I can think is Overweight cat = kidney failure. It dind't seem to be that so I am looking him over, eyes clear, gums pale his ears were like hotplates! I asked my mom to call the emergency vet. He told us to come in imediately. On the way into the vet the open mouth breathing starts, by the time we get to the vets office he is positively panting like a dog. The vet checks him over he has a high fever and a lung infection that if we had waited another day would have caused permanent damage. He was given a huge dose of antibiotics and anti-nausiant and we have to take him in again tomorow.

I was crying in the car on the way to the vet thinking it was somthing non-treatable because so many things are. I was relieved to find out it is treatable but I am still fussing over my baby he is being sequestered from the other pets so that they don't stress him out. I am not taking any chances so VIBES would be greatly appreciated.
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Oh dear!!! Poor Duke! He is deffinately in my prayers! Please keep us updated!
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Many prayers and vibes coming that way.He reminds me of Blaze--my girl kitty
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aww poor guy!!!

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Prayers on the way for you and Duke.
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Oh how scary, many vibes and prayers for your sweet boy
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How scary! I hope Duke will be OK. I'll send some getter better real quick vibes to Duke.
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I feel like a bad meowmy, like I havn't been paying enough attention. But I have thought about yesterday wehn I saw him and he seemed fine. Meowing and wanting head scritches. The vet says that these things come on very quickly and if I hadn't seen the symptoms he might have even died or caused serious damage by tomorow or the next day
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OMG poor Duke!! You must be beside yourself with worry

I am sending many vibes for him{{{{}}}}

Poor guy
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Many prayers and vibes coming your way for you and Duke!
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Aww Many vibes/prayers for you, and Duke!! Please keep us updated!!
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Sending many prayers for Duke.
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Sending light and love for Duke, bless his heart...
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Oh poor Duke. More healing vibes being sent for him.
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Took Duke back to the vet today his temperature is down a bit from 104 to 100, but it's still a little high. His lungs are sounding a bit better, but we are looking for the cause of his sickness. They are running a CBC and blood pannel to check liver, kidney function and sugar levels. Duke seemed to be in pain when the vet was feeling for his kidneys. I am hoping it is nothing serious because now that I am unemployed I can't even set aside money towards vet bills. All I can think is if he needs more medical treatment I will run up my credit cards to pay for it. It's hard when you have to think ecconomics when it comes to a beloved pet. I'm praying it's nothing too serious he's kind of listless and very sleepy after another dose of antibiotics.
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Sending good thoughts and prayers for sweet Duke!
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Sending lots of get well vibes for Duke
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Poor Duke! Sending mega vibes his way!

How is he doing today? Any better?
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