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my kitten eats everything!!!!!!!

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hi, my name is carie, and i have a 8 week old kitten named Dill. We got him a week ago. everytime someone goes to the fridge, he freaks out, crying and screaming. anytime anyone even goes in the kitchen he freaks out. he has plenty of kitten food, and we even give him treats, but he tries to eat everything, even trying to climb up and eat the food off our plates. to the best of our knowledge, the lady whos house we got him from didnt give him people food, but he was in a room with 6 other kittens, and the mom. could there be something wrong with him? there is nothing in his stool and no sign of worms, but i dont know what it could be.. we are taking him for his shots soon, and i would like to get some advice first before going in there and saying something for nothing. i have never even dogs act the way he does with food, its like he has never eaten before. can someone give e some advice for little Dill?:
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where is his food and litterbox placed? do you have any other pets?
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Ditto what Liza asked.

What kind of food does he eat? Do you know how much he eats per day?

At that age, what you are describing is not that uncommon. With 6 or more mouths to share his food with he may have been getting less that he needed at his previous home. It takes time for them to calm down and realize that they aren't at any risk of going hungry.

It might help to pick up some good canned kitten food for him, especially to offer while you are eating. That should get him out of your way a little, plus it will be nice and filling for him. It's good to introduce wet food at that age, as they are open-minded when they are babies. Later in life, they might not even realize it's food if they haven't had it before.

Most little kittens have some worms. I would suggest talking to the vet about deworming.
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ditto on the above. Deff get the vet check, and the right shots and so on. Also, i second the wet food thing. My 6 week old kittens gobble it up, and sleep well after,lol
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