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Finaly Here.

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Ginger finally went into labor. She's had 1 so far and it's just as my step dad said. She doesn't take care of the kittens so I'm having to clean them up and everything. She doesn't even acknowledge them. Any idea of how soon I should give the baby milk replacer?
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give her a little bit of time. see how she goes in the next hour.
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Number 2 is here and doing well.
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Originally Posted by JenniferL View Post
Number 2 is here and doing well.
See told ya yesterday that maybe they would have them the same day! But I bet Ginger will have more then 2. Can't wait to hear about them and see pictures.
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Congrats on the first lil ones and any more that follow! Hope she is doin ok and hope the rest of the delivery goes well!
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Number 3 is here.
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Is it possible for kittens to have clubbed feet?
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I would believe so my dog had club feet in the is the babies doing and momma? I say she is goin to have 7 babies so if she had 3 she has 4 more to go....come on ginger you can do it!
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The fourth one just arrived. The vet took x-rays and said she's only having 5 so she's got one more to go.
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U know whats funny my vet told me Kali was havein 4 and she ended up with you never
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even with the x-ray? Wow. Well she just had number 5 and she seems to have settled down for a much deserved nap. She really didn't take care of any of the kittens as far as cleaning them up but she's snuggling with them and they are trying to nurse but it looks like she doesn't have any milk yet. Mom still has 3 placentas she needs to expell.
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Well i hope she expells them soon and everything goes well with momma and babies and congrats again on ur new babies.....cant wait to see pics...:
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Congratulations on the new arrivals. Lady was also very nervous about having her kittens, she cleaned up the placentas and such but refused to clean any of the kittens. She did nurse them, but one of the other momma cats had to go in and take care of keeping the kittens clean. After about 3 days, Lady finally caught on though and is doing great.

Keep us updated!
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She's expelled one and is still having contractions. It does feel like she might have one more kitten in there.
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You never know you might be like i was...thats good she expelled one said she had she only has 2...hope all goes well
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Originally Posted by cupcake1234516 View Post
U know whats funny my vet told me Kali was havein 4 and she ended up with you never
Thats Ironic, My cat named Kalli had 7 too. Is she a calico?

and to the OP, congratz on the kittens so far, I hope she keeps doign so well!
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Well mom and kittens are doing well and have been moved into their box. She ended up having them in my lap on the bed. She really didn't show any sign she was in labor just a little restless and then three contractions later her first was born. Ginger's milk is also in and everyone is nursing well. I'm not sure she expelled the final two placentas so I'll have that checked out in the morning. Our final count is 5 (4 black tabbies and 1 orange and white kitten). The smallest one weighed in at 80grams and the largest was 120 grams. I'll try and get pics up tomorrow.
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Awww Great job Ginger on the 5 little ones. I think it just was the day for ours to have them. Camaro from what I am figuering out went into labor on soon to be hubby on our bed. But guess he moved and she decided it was safer on the floor. How are the little ones this morning?
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Mom and babies are doing well. All but one has either maintained their weight or gained weight. The first born seems to be the runt (the one who lost weight) and he's got twisted legs. I was about to give him some replacer but he found mom and was eating well so I left everything alone but am prepared if need be. I did some research on the twisted legs and what I found says that he/she should grow out of it by the time it reaches adulthood. Here are a few pictures:

Here's mom and babies:

and here's a picture of the little one w/ twisted legs:
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Awww how cute.....But the lil one with the messed up feet did you call and talk to a vet about it?......thats sad
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About the one with the twisted feet. You definately need to take him to the vet ASAP! Are all 4 feet twisted?
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one of lillys kittens had a club foot but was no were as bad as your little one. forests cleared up on her own after about 2-3 days. but i would get a vet check that one out they might be able to do something to help.
also im glad everything went well with the birth, they are lovely.
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I called the vet and they said that it's a normal abnormality (strange I know) and that most cats grow out of it as they grow up and that there's really nothing they would do for him/her at this point. He has a hard time fighting for mom so I've been making sure he finds her while the others are sleeping and I've given him a couple of supplemental feedings which he takes well.
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