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Cats and Dogs

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Not exactly sure if this is the best place to post, but I have hit sort of a problem and really want this to work.

It looks like we are going to be getting a dog within the week, a puppy really, not of my choice btw. I am very concerned how my 2 cats will handle this, if at all. I don't want them to be beating up on the dog, and I don't want them to be scared or feel left out.

Does anyone know the best way of going about taking care of this situation? Do you think my cats could ever accept the dog as a friend, or at least a resident? And has anyone ever had experience with this?

Thank you in advance.
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Here are some TCS threads about introducing cats and dogs:

Hope these help. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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Well I am an oddity...never have done anything special for introductions and have never had a problem. When I brought little Spidey home I simply let him out of the box in front of Poppy and let them check each other out. BUT I did this knowing that Poppy is a very docile cat, she pretty much sleeps, and Spidey was just 5 weeks (feral rescue is why he was so young, his mom was killed).

Same thing with the puppy. I was pretty sure neither had ever seen a dog. I brought Parker home at 8 weeks and 20 pounds, and simply brought him in. There's never been a problem. Spidey and he get along, Poppy prefers to be left alone although likes to play mind games with him (like sleeping on his favorite toys and refusing to move no matter how much Parker barks at her).

Both cats are clawed but have never harmed Parker. They are indoor only cats and have tons of places to go if they feel threatened but tend to all be in the same room. Spidey likes to be chased and plays with Parker, Poppy does not and has learned that simply ignoring the dog makes her a very dull toy and results in her being left alone.

Many many cats live with dogs and do so very happily. Don't stress, they will all work out an arrangement that works for them.
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I just bring them in and let the critters sort it out. Opie doesn't have anything to do with any dog. If a dog tries to play with him, he spits and jumps up, out of reach.

Rowdy and Ike are buddies. They romp and play together.

Neither of the cats is impressed with the new puppy, Pearl. Rowdy hisses and swats. She did the same thing with Ike, at first. After the puppy gets older and calms down, they'll probably get along OK.

Cats are very good at training dogs. Just remember - the cat is the boss!
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I think they'll work out the pecking order all by themselves. As long as the cats have safe places, that they can go to and the dog can't then I think they'll be fine. I have a puppy great dane, and a new kitten and they are the best of friends. We worried that the kitty would get hurt, but he definitely has the upper hand and can easily get my dog to back down and leave him alone. He play swats and bites her, but has never hurt her. And though she seems to play rough with him he has never gotten hurt either and they always want to be together playing. I think even if they don't end up as friendly as mine did, as long as the cats feel they have safe spots then everyone will be able to live in harmony!

Btw, what kind of puppy will you be getting?

Good luck!
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Of course there needs to be lots of supervision for a while. We've had Pepper for a month now, and we still try and watch him and Bella carefully when they're playing. But especially at first until they work out a relationship I would make sure you keep a good eye on them if their in the same room.
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I occasionally borrow my neighbor's dog, just to have a dog around and get my cats used to it. She's a lab-dalmatian mix. At first the cats hissed and had fits. Now one of the cats just looks at the dog and doesn't do much, just her usual stuff. The other cat goes into the bedroom or another room. Dogs and cats can coexist, as many of our members have already said. Good luck, and use your best judgment based on your cats' reactions.
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Hi everyone, thanks for the great replies, lots of useful information.

We are getting an American Bull Terrier. Hopefully things will work out, I will keep everyone posted.
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