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Recent Ammonia urine smell

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Havent posted in awhile...

Recently after my kitty Ivy pees, it smells like ammonia. I am pretty sure this is only recent and I cannot think of anyhting that I have changed. We moved to multi-cat litter but that was a good three months back and this ammonia smell I think has come up in the last three weeks. Are there any symptoms of a UTI I should be watching for? Anything else I can do? I searched for other posts on this matter and I have cleaned thier boxes with bleach and water before, just not regularly. I have also used dish soap. So I dont know what is better or what I should do. Any suggetions would b appreciated
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How old is Ivy? Is she spayed? While it never really occurred to me, I think intact females have stronger smelling urine, much like intact males do (just not quite as bad).

I use dish soap in the boxes. Something mild like that is better IMO (as opposed to bleach).

Also, if she's hitting the sides of the box when she pees, I have noticed that the smell really lingers in that case. It just seems to stick to the plastic and not go away until it's really washed again.

EDIT, sorry I forgot the UTI question. Frequent, very small deposits in the box (or especially outside of the box) are usually the first sign of UTI. I never noticed a different smell, really.
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The ammonia smell happens when the urine is left there for an extended amount of time without being cleaned out or removed. Make sure there isn't urine outside the box but nearby it that you are actually smelling. I would also dump the whole box and wash it out and then replace it.

I had this problem too recently, I got the urine smell out of the carpet but the ammonia was awful. White Vinegar is what gets rid of the ammonia smell. half vinegar and half water, or 3/4 vinegar to 1/4 water. Even use that when cleaning the boxes out.
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A stronger smell can be a sign of a UTI sometimes, but IMO it's more likely just old urine that's causing the ammonia smell. It might be on the side of the box, or maybe she missed and peed over the edge. I would wash the box and put fresh litter in to see if that takes care of it, and if not, take kitty to the vet.
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