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What is everyones opinon of Fel-pine? It looks like a great product. Its cheap and natural. Its almost to good to be true. Im using Tidy Scoop crystal form atm and its getting pretty expensive. (Lex poops like theres' no tommarow )

I would like to make the switch. Any bad experiences?
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You mean Feline Pine I assume and I LOVE IT! I have tried every single kind of litter made I think and nothing works like Feline Pine. When they JUST poop you will smell it. But you can either scoop it out and flush it or cover it if your cat didn't (some of mine don't). A lot of people complain that is isn't scoopable but I can't imagine what the point of it being scoopable is. The POINT is to leave the urine there to turn to sawdust, you don't WANT to scoop that out. The poop doesn't need to be scoopable because it is already a solid mass...

They do however make a scoopable Feline Pine, as I said though, I can't understand what scoops...

Oh and some people complain that it doesn't cover the poo smell, but I don't know very many litters that do right off the bat. Poop is going to smell regardless After awhile it goes away, and you smell pine again. I also love when I go to buy it because my whole car smells like fresh pine! And there is no dust from it either, just fresh pine smell!
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I think I might like it if you could more easily scoope the poop out. The box gets full of poop before it gets full of pee. My male really hates stepping in it so I'm going to have to change it back to Tidy cats. The pellets are just big enough they get stuck in between his toes. He won't even walk in it anymore. He stands on the edges of the litter box and does his business. Then he very carefully attempts to cover it without stepping into the litter. Our female cat won't even use it with mostly regular litter mixed in. It seems like a good idea....but could use some improvements.

I will say it work great for eliminating urine odor, but even when they cover up the poo it still stinks!
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