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New to this forum :)

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Hello all,
Well...I am new to this forum...my reason for finding it isn't much of a good one though...I am the lucky owner of 2 wonderful cats...unfortunately that is soon going to be 1 I just got home from the vet this afternoon and he found a big tumor in my 10 year old sweetie and it's inoperable...I did not at all expect this so I'm pretty devestated now...which is why I went looking for a forum for catlovers...figured you all would understand . But a little more about myself; I'm 30 years old, female and live in Amsterdam, Holland. Besides my cats I also have 2 horses, a 12 year old mare called Escala and a 6 month old little colt called Eclipse -hence the nick- . I love my animals to pieces...as much as i love my family and friends. My hobbies include horsebackriding (duh), travelling, reading and just spending time doing things with my friends. Well, this is pretty much all I can think of now...don't exactly have a clear head at the moment...sorry...I feel like I've been crying non stop since noon...I just need to find peace with this decision and say my goodbyes to my cat and pamper him in the few days that he has left.
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Welcome Eclipse!

I'm glad you were able to find this corner of the internet to share your love of animals and your grief.

I am so sorry for the news that you just received, my heart goes out to you. Many of us can relate to the empty feeling you must be experiencing right now.

It's so hard when our animals are suffering, you feel so vulnerable and helpless. We all share your grief and please post as much as you want. We will try to help you through this the best that we can.

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Sending loving thoughts to you and your baby :angel2:
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I'm so sorry to hear what brought you here. My heart goes out to you. Have you read the poem called The Rainbow Bridge? If not, it is at the top of the forum by the same name here. It may bring you a bit of comfort in this time of sorrow. It may sound silly, but I'm a firm believer in the Rainbow Bridge. I have to believe or it would just be too painful to bear losing any of our furries loves.

Welcome to the site, although for a very sad reason. I hope that you find the comfort you seek at this time, and decide to stay after the initial unbearable grief passes. Love him all you can in the time you have left, and please give him a kiss from me and my kitties, too. You may also want to explain to your other kitty what is happening so he can say goodbye to his friend too. (I also firmly believe that they understand so much more than most give them credit for, and telling them what is going on helps both us and them.)
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Certainly we are glad your here. But sorry to hear about Sweetie. Please continue to post and share your feelings. Grief is part of life and meant to be shared much like any other emotion we come accross.

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Hi, Eclipse. I know you from the Bridge forum, but I wanted to say hello and welcome on a more cheery note. You are obviously an animal lover with a heart of gold, and we're happy to have you with us. Post often. We like pictures!
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Hi Eclipse, I too am a new member and recently went through the death of one of my cats, 14 years old, with diabetes and FLV. It was devastating and I feel for you. Time helps. My cat, Spuds died Nov. 7. I was prepared, but it was still a shock; to not have him following me from room to room was just so lonely. My husband and I decided that we would get a new kitten to liven up the house. We have 2 other resident cats. We got a pair of 1yr. male/female littermates on Sat. Dec. 14 and they have personalities very much like Spuds and it's kind of like having him around, although no one could take his place. Sounds like you have lots of other pets that can help you through this lonely time.

I love Amsterdam, have visited there 3 times. Beautiful area, I just love the way the city is built around the canals and the architecture is breath-taking.

Take care,
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