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last night they decided it was time after 24 hours in the kennel to come out. Prue went on the warpath, and went after them, they hissed spit and slapped each other, but no vicious fights. after Prue kept going at them, i put HER in the kennel, and let the new guys roam. Kali smartly stayed OUT of the way, as did the kittens. Sac and Uno decided my bedroom was safe, and nestled into there. As soon as they saw no other cat was coming for them, they loved up to us BIG time. they slept in bed with us even!!! Kali came to look at them this am, and they ignored her, and she just walked away.

I let Prue put this am. She went to the bedroom, growled, and walked away.
I am feeding Sace and Uno in the laundry room which has no door but is next to my bedroom, they seem fine with that.