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Cat seems to have given up...please help!!

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So, my wife and my cat was recently diagnosed with diabetes...this was hard, but we resolved to take care of the little guy who was sharing our lives.

Everything seemed to be getting better until a few days ago. He just stopped eating and drinking. WE took him to two vets, but they didn't really have any advice for us. We've been giving him subcutaneous fluids to hydrate him, but he's only eating the tiny-est amounts of food.

I've tried baby food, tuna, wet food, little baby hotdog things...I'm going to go to the butcher today to get some meat parts...

I'm sorry...I'm just so freaked out right now. I love this cat, but he just doesn't seem to be responding to anything. If anyone knows anything that they think might help, please let me know!

I want him to be better so badly.
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Welcome to TCS...

How old is the cat ??? Is it on any special foods or medicine for the diabetes??? is a great site for help with this issue
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Thank you for responding so quickly!

Mr.B is about 6 years old. He's not on twice daily insulin injections, but that's it. He's been taken to the vet regularly, and doesn't seem to have any other conditions.

The vet thinks it could be some sort of pancreatic cancer, but they need to do ultrasound tests and whatnot to find that...
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I don't know if this will be any help at all, but I'm going to throw it out here just in case.

Our Oberon has Chronic Renal Failure, and at one point he completely quit eating. Our vet said he HAS to eat - feed him Fancy Feast even, anything. The Fancy Feast worked, it jump-started his appetite and he's doing pretty good again! I've also heard that cats can't resist KFC.

Sending good thoughts and prayers for your little guy.
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WE took him to two vets, but they didn't really have any advice for us.
I don't know if this is an option, but I think I'd be consulting a 3rd vet. Cats don't just stop eating without a reason. Have you had recent blood work on Mr.B? If the vet suspects cancer, I would think something would show up there. Also, do you have his sugar levels checked? (I'm not sure how this works with a cat; I have a DH who's diabetic) You must get him to eat; at this point what he eats isn't so important, it's the fact that he has to eat to keep his liver functioning properly. If you have to force-feed him, you can find lots of advice on doing that here.

I do hope you can discover a reason for his appetite loss and I wish there was some sage advice I could give you. Sending (((big hugs))) to you and your wife and Mr. B.
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Thank you all so much for your help.

I just got back from the butcher and got some chicken livers, which, I must say, are pretty nasty. =)

I'm going to see if he eats those, and if not I'll try making him eat something.
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Also try NuriCal.

Its a gel like formula for animals that have little to no hunger, and it gives them nutrients and calories, and can even be used as a meal when a cat refuses to eat. it Should help jump start his hunger, but if not, it can at least get him sum much needed calories
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Mr.Blobby, I agree with the others - he really needs to eat. You'll probably have to help him. Here is a link with some good info on the subject
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Hello all...thank you so much for your prompt responses and your good wishes.

Mr.Blobby is eating the sardines we got him (thank you for the tip!), and seems to be far less dehydrated than before. It took a lot of care, some praying, and a lot of worry, but I hope that we're now through the rough patch.

I am always so impressed by the concern that total strangers show for others when there is need. Thank you all again...I sincerely appreciate you.
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