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Cronic Nasal infection and cronic virus?

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I have a female kitten (Abby) that will be 4 months old July 3. When we got her from the shelter,, she had an extream nasal infection that the vet first thought it was herpies. We finally treated two weeks with amoxicillion drops. Everything cleared up... she could breath and eat at the same time and drink water without choaking.

She has been fine for about three weeks now. Again, today... she is starting with the same noises trouble breathing. Not as bad as before.. but I can tell it is the same thing starting over.

We called the vet on call.... this is the same one that said it was herpies, but not our regular vet. She said it could be a cronic nasal infections because the original one was so bad, it may have done permanent damage to the nasal passages, and she could have for life. Also she said, it could be a cronic virus, that could be for life. I cannot believe this little thing got all this already.. but it may happen. She also said maybe she needed a different antibiotic. We started the amox drops again today along with the vitamin paste in the tube, forgot the name for herpies. Never did she have a runny nose, or runny eyes.

Is it possible we have not cured the original infection? Could this be for life?
What happens when she gets use to the antibiotics over time?

HELP.... I want to keep this little girl.... we just got her and our current cat comfortable with each other,,,now this?
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Everything you mentioned is possible but it is too soon to tell yet I think. She is young, she may still have some of the virus left from the first time around and it get her sick again. Illness can be brought on by so many different factors.

Try the Amoxi again and if that doesn't work, the vet may up her to Clavamox or something. Keep on it, make sure you finish off all the medication even if the symptoms are better. See if it comes back again. Wait until she is fully grown and her immune system is fully developed to determine for sure if it is chronic. Herpesvirus can be chronic and there are others too. Keep her on the vitamins, what are they BTW? I would recomend NutraCal.

Good luck!
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The stuff I am giving her is enisyl-f twice a day. Also the amox 2 x per day
.25 on the dropper.
We did not get to finish the amox last time because .25,2 x per day did not finish it in the 14 days. The bottle says to dispose after 14 days after mixing.. that is why we stopped.

I sure hope, naturally we can cure whatever it is.. she is so cute and our love is growing. In January I lost my little girl Mittens when she lost her 4 year fight to Kidney failure... it was so fast. I miss the feline love.....This one needs to make it....

PS that Clavamox I think is the one she mentioned she would put her on if I did not have a supply of amox in the house unmixed. I probably should have told her... lets try the new stuff. She was on an antibiotic in the shelter before we got her.. then three weeks after we got her for two weeks, now three weeks later again.... Thank you for the support
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